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Hi there hoppy...oh that is truly good to hear!Good for you!I have my fingers crossed that your MMA or Homocysteine come out High!!!!I don't think your previous taking of B12 sub~lingual will interfer with the's been awhile and you still have the parathesis(tingling/numbness...which is a pretty good sign that your B12 levels are still too low).Good Luck!

Hoppy....Well I'm just wondering if the sub~lingual that you were taking did have an effect on your tests...hmmmmmmmm....don't know if the MMA will be elevated now.....but it will be interesting to see if it is.I know that most hematologists say blood levels usually only need to be checked at 4 month maybe you're B12 stores are still adequate now,but will change for the worse if you don't continue the subs.How long were you off the subs before your test?That high MCV,low RBC and low vitamin D makes me think there is definitely something not right.Your ferritin isn't that great either.Just curious about the low Vit.D...I know Vit.D regulates your iron...also low Vit.D is linked to things like RLS(restless legs syndrome) and peripheral neuropathies.Sorry,but I forgot what all your symptoms are besides the parathesis.Do you have muscle spasms/cramps/twitching????That could be "tetany" which also is from low Vit.D

I remember when one time my B12 was just starting to drop again and it was 261 and my MMA and Homocysteine were at the very high end of normal range,but that dr. said I was fine(what a nut he was!).Three months later I was getting B12 shots again,because my MMA elevated so it might be the am for you>due to the subs you took for quite awhile.Sorry hoppy I don't know what else to add here,but Please let everyone know what you find out and don't give could you relist all your symptoms again?I want to see if I can get a clearer picture of what's going on.Thanks...hang in there~take care~

I went for my appointment today. Doc says Vitamin D is too low....continue 50,000IU twice weekly.......ferritin is too low.......start multi vitamin.......Vitamin B12 is now good.......continue taking methylcobalamin sub~lingual 5mg (5000mcg). Strange, really strange but the MMA was still pending and the blood was taken a full week ago! How long does the MMA take? Hoppy

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