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will I show symptoms of anemia with a ferritin level of 14? The rest of my blood numbers came back good (4.3 for RBC and 6.3 for WBC and 13.1 HGB). I have headaches, fatigue, hair loss, brittle nails, dizziness, lack of concentration, off balance, and pain in my neck. My Dr. wants me to see a neurologist because she says it is not iron def.. I don't agree. Is 14 low for ferritin? I see a big range and have seen different information. Help!
hello. ashleymichele i wanted to ask you if you found out anything at the dr. about your vertigo.
i have a ferritin of 4 and have been on iron therapy for a little over a month and don't see much improvement.
i am also having the vertigo and have been seeing an ENT to try to figure out if it's a separate inner ear problem or just part of the low ferritin.
i have a stiff neck also and pressure in my ears. sometimes i think the stiff neck is from me holding my head still all the time because whenever i seem to move it up and down or side to side i get the vertigo feeling. i also have that awful brain fog.
it would be so great if someone could just tell all of us that YES this is from low ferritin but i guess there's not going to be a definitive answer. i hope your doctor figures something out about your vertigo.
oh and as far as medicines - i've tried meclizine for the vertigo and i didn't find it helped . . . and it made me every more drowsy. go figure.
Hi everyone,

I have had dizziness and balance problems for nearly 4 years now resulting in a lot of time off work. I have been through the ENT route and done all the VRT etc to try and help myself recover from this awful thing.

Thanks to meeting someone by chance who had the same dizziness/balance problems and who is now cured, I went to have my ferritin levels checked. They came back as a 10.

Thing is, I eat a really good diet but have only done this since I became ill. Before that I ate total rubbish - ready meals and no fruit or veg. So I am wondering if I actually had a lower ferritin level at that time which is why I was so ill back then. So there you go, here I am, another person with low ferritin levels who has dizziness off and on and balance problems. So there has to be something in this. For years I have been told it is my ears but have never been given a definite diagnosis. I was told that I must have Vestibular Neuronitis because my balance was affected but there was really nothing to back that up.

I have started taking a course of liquid iron and take 3 teaspoons a day at the minute. This is 21mg of iron plus it has other stuff in it. Would I be able to take any more than this - I am terrified to overdose on the stuff. I was prescribed ferrous sulfate tablets by the GP but don't like to take these as they cause me stomach problems. Ashleymichelle - have you noticed a difference with your dizziness now your levels are rising? And, I can also be fine one minute and spinning the next, it is so horrible and scary isn't it?

Also, what would you describe this 'brain fog' as? I have weird sensations in my head a lot of the time. I wouldn't describe it as dizziness but it is quite worrying.



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