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I too developed those symptoms only with anemia and a ferritin of 5. Once my Hgb crept above the normal level my doctor declared me "cured" and wanted me to discontinue my supplemental iron and just take a multi with iron. She did not believe my continued symptoms were the result of low ferritin, but she did offer me Zanax for (sort of). For that and other things she said and did that I found alarming I switched doctors. I saw an internist who came highly recommended by some of my other doctors about three months ago. It was for a yearly physical, not specifically for my iron and continued symptoms., but in reviewing my test results from this past year, he immediately said that "I want to see your ferritin at a minimum of 30" and so restarted me on PolyIron 150 with a ferritin recheck in 6 months. I think I'm gradually regaining my energy and sense of well being or else my body is adjusting to a low level of ferritin.
Hi mmmalis-

I just went to the Dr. and had my levels checked again for anemia and ferritin so I am waiting for that to come back. I talked to the dr. about the vertigo and she said she thought it was non positional vertigo, but I am not sure if I buy that. She gave me meclizine too and I have taken it a few times and it seems to help but makes you very, very tired. It seems like there are too many people with anemia and low ferritin complaining of dizziness and vertigo so I am thinking that just may have something to do with it. I too have horrible neck pain, loss of balance at times and brain fog, again, it seems too coincidental that many people have all of these symptoms with low ferritin. My ferritin was a 5 and when I had blood work done about 6 weeks ago it went up to almost 28 so I am waiting now, 6 weeks later to get my results back to see if it went any higher. I think they say it should be at least 60. Does your dizziness come on quickly out of the blue sometimes, that is how mine works. I can be fine one minute, then it just hits me and it is a very scary feeling. Have you had your levels checked again too.

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