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low ferritin what is normal and what is not i have been told my ferritin level is 2.5, is this low have been given iron for 3 months? also my thyroid was sluggish they said what does this mean?my thyroid was 1.0 would really appreciate some feed back on this as i feel awfull
fiona1039--Sorry you are feeling so poorly. Your ferritin should be ~at least~ 50 to feel well, with 70-90 and up being optimal. Anything under the bottom range is considered too low by the medical profession, however, a low range ferritin is not good either. It is the iron stored in the bone marrow and organs for later use. Whenever there is not enough the stores are called upon. If you have a low iron diet, heavy periods or even strenuous exercise program, there is much more demand for iron and the stores used to make up the difference. I had a 2 ferritin and raised it to 41 with oral iron therapy. I also have Hashi's, many people have Hypo-T and lowered ferritin it is very common. You might want to address this issue on the thyroid board too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Have you had your ferritin rechecked since you had a 2? Good luck to you and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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