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Re: Anemia?
Nov 1, 2008
stedwell--Yes, I have suffered most of your symptoms. This is different for everyone. A low ferritin can cause many symptoms, you don't say if you are anemic yet or not. The end stage of the ferritin stores is anemia. Are you taking your iron all the time and how much? Anemia is a symptom (of blood loss) not a disease in itself. If you have a low ferritin you need to find the reason behind it because it is not normal. Doctor's shouldn't treat a low ferritin without first finding out why. You can have a low ferritin without anemia as you may already know. What was your last Hgb and Hct count and how long ago? I would suggest a new blood count on Monday to know where you are at. Your ferritin is probably still the same, if it has not been long since you were tested. I too felt worse after I was diagnosed, I think it was because it went on so long, the size of my RBC's was very small. You can post your CBC labs for further information and you should always keep copies. Heavy periods is usually the culprit in females but not always. It can be the first thing to ruled in/out. In my experience, I had an endometrial ablation and 7 polyps removed at that time. I still have a low ferritin due to long term PPI use, but hardly have a period and I can't say how great that is! Good luck to you and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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