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FLFLOWERGRL- yes, I have ITP and something else. Every once in a while I have to have RBC transfusion. Now add Platelet transfusion and many Iron infusion.

The recent one was when I was in the hospital. I was there for a month and some all days. I had 3 platelet transfusion, later had 3 RBC tranfusion along with 2 iron infusion daily for a week then 1 iron infusion daily for a week.

But this is the 4th time in 2 yrs that it was done except iron infusion and platelet transfusion. Those 2 were new and my doc (w/o bone marrow biopsy) decided that I probably have ITP.

I seem to always have High WBC, Low RBC, Low Hgb, Low Hct, Low Mcv, Mch, Mchc and plt. The recent work up was ^^, other tests in the past will indicate High Wbc, Low RBC, Low Hgb and Hct, can't remember the MCV/MCH/MCHC, but normal Platelet count.

I had my blood drawn last week due to excessive bruising (they got worried again) and my numbers are dropping esp. the platelet despite the transfusion less than a month ago. Currently my RBC, H & H are low and my Wbc is High. The numbers are not yet in transfusion level, but getting close. My platelet went from 70 something to 320 something to 120 (it's dropping). So, they want me to have a Bone marrow biopsy done to see if something else other than ITP might be the cause. We're waiting for insurance to approve the biopsy.

The reason they are keeping a close eye on me is because I have other serious medical complications that are being treated by 4 other doc(s).

I'm just thankful that all my doc(s) keep each other updated when something arises. It took me almost 5 yrs to finally find this kind of care (had lots of run arounds and then bad docs and so on...).


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