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fig177--I can speak to the anemia related portion of your labs. No, I am not a doctor, (only in my home:)), but I have 2 years of experience with anemia/low ferritin and would be glad to share some of my own experience if it would be helpful to you.

Regarding your Hgb-L normal, Hct-L normal and RBC's (RBC's look good), you are NOT considered to be anemic at this point. To explain it; when one or more of those numbers are below range you are considered anemic, so you see you are not right now.

Ferritin is the iron stores in the organs and bone marrow. You should request that your doctor test you to see if yours is low or being lowered, if anything it is a good number to know for future reference. Also, I would request an iron panel that will show if you are low in iron that is in circulation for use and much more. It does provide more information about your iron stats/anemia, although the Ferritin is a more reliable, telling test of iron stored. At least insist on the Ferritin being tested, this will give you a good idea if you are using up too much iron. I would also ask for a B-12, folate testing while you are at it. Although by your MCV you don't look like you have anything to worry about concerning B-12. A B-12 deficiency will make this number go up higher. In the presence of anemia from B-12 and iron this number can be skewed and look more normal which fools some people. This is why testing is important. Your MCV is on the low end of normal. If you were to fall below range then the cells would be smaller and carry less oxygen throughout your body which is all a part of anemia. So on your labs in the case of iron deficiency anemia the H & H, RBC (RBC sometimes) MCV, MCH, MCHC go low, while the platelets and RDW go high on the Hematology lab reference range, if that helps at all.

IMO, I don't think that you have been on PPI's long enough to be the problem. However, if you have a low stomach acid already and took PPI's then that may very well be an issue. I would think that your lowered numbers are a result of your stomach since you are having problems there, it would make sense. Have you been checked for H-pylori yet? Hope that you are feeling better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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