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FLFLOWERGIRL - I'm so sorry that I didn't respond sooner to your very hekpful and encouraging message. Friday was a crazy day and I didn't have time to write back and yesterday was not a good day for me.

It began when I received a phone call at 10:30 from the hematologist!!! OMG I have never had a doctor call me on a Saturday. I immediately thought the worse - I mean why else would a doctor call you on a Saturday unless they needed to talk with you about a serious problem?!?!? Well it was not as bad as I thought but not so good either. She got more of my blood results and my Ferritin is still at a 5 so she wanted to start me oral iron. She does not have my iron or TIBC or Saturation yet but thought we should move forward.
My HGB went down to 11.4 from 11.6 but she wasn't too concerned about that. My MCH is still low at 25.

So she called in a prescription at CVS for Niferex 150 (also known as Feogen or Hematogen or Vitron-C). She though this would be a good iron because it has less GI side effects since I have GERD and IBS. Well when I went to pick it up, I got the shock of my life. My insurance which happens to be a very good plan did not cover it and a one month supply was $116. The pharmacist was not very optimistic that it would be covered even if I appealed. He said that he very rarely sees any insurance cover this med. He suggested that I ask the Doctor if I could use Ferrex instead. He said that it is somewhat mild for GI effects and his mother uses it. I did not buy it at first because I wanted to think about my options but I went back and picked it up first thing this morning. I decided it might take too long to deal with an appeal etc. etc. and I need to get some answers sooner rather than later to keep my sanity. The doctor told me to cancel my appointment this Friday and instead come any day to drop off my stool sample and do a urinalysis. Then she wants me to come back in 2 - 3 weeks to have my blood drawn and then see her the next day to determine if there is any improvement.

So I have taken one capsule! We'll see what happens. She did kind of allude to the fact that we might not find a reason why the levels are low just like you said. Geez that is so discouraging.

Well that is my sad tale of woe so far.:( I know it could be a lot worse and I do thank my lucky stars but it is still very discouraging and scary while waiting for all the results.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. Has anyone taken this Iron that I was prescribed????? Did your insurance cover it?

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