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I am heading to a hematologist for a consult to determine why my blood levels are so poor and what needs to be done about it. My apppointment is Thursday 11/13. Does anyone have any suggestions about specific questions I should ask for or tests I should have? I want to be sure to be prepared.

I'm assuming that she should order some new bloodwork since the last one was so long ago on July 23? Should other ranges be tested?

So far I have had both a colonoscopy and capsule endoscopy which were negative for GI bleeding in the small intestine and colon although a benign polyp was found. My GI did not do a repeat upper endoscopy since I had one in September 07 and March 08. (that showed an old ulcer and benign gastric polyps). Coincidentally I had my yearly exam at the GYN and he did an ultrasound to confirm all was well in that area and I still have 4 fibroids even though I am post menopausal. Not sure what that means. I do have a hemangioma on my liver but my GI said that was not causing the blood loss.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you,

P.S. my test results and the normal ranges according to the report:

Blood Test done July 23
Iron = 25 (L) (35 - 170)
TIBC = 469 (H) (250-450)
Transferrin Saturation = 5 (L) (20-55)
MCV = 77(L) (80-100)
MCH = 25 (L) (27-33)
Ferritin - 5 (5 - 148)
Hemoglobin = 11.1 (11.0-15.0)
Hematocrit = 35.6 (34.0-46.0)
Red Blood Cells = 4.59 (4.40 - 5.60)
Folic Acid = 24 (>3.4)
B12 = 857 (>200)

Celiac Panel done August 12
IGA level was 363 (range is 70-400)
Transglutaminas was 3 (0-19).
The Endomysial IGA was not done because the first two were negative.

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