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Susieq14--My Hematologist only did CBC, Ferritin, and Retic counts, that was it. He went by my medical history and testing that was performed. Sometimes it's really hard to find a cause for low ferritin. Do you take PPI's at all?

I can tell you that my mom also had a GI bleed that was never found on the testing, but she saw the black stool and knew what it meant and then had testing. She was DX'ed with H-pylori, gastritis, but no fresh bleeding found.

For me, they told me that it was periods because they were heavy so I fixed that, only to find out that my ferritin was not responding well. They then said it is malabsorption of iron due to PPI's for 9 years now. Sometimes I feel like this is just another guess. So I continue to take iron for the rest of my life or as long as I continue PPI's.

Do you think that the old ulcer could have been the cause and now it has healed. The ferritin takes a long time to replenish and depending on your rate of absorption it could be harder for you. Have you had B-12 and Folate tested? Although, your MCV does not look like B-12 deficiency. Good luck at your appointment and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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