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Audrey- Sorry to hear about your ferritin drop and all the stress you have been through! I think we talked about stress last year when you were diagnosed with hashimoto's .I knew from all that I read that those of us with AI conditions are supposed to watch the stress level, but I didn't know how it would have a direct effect on the ferritin . But like you I have seen this recently too.
My ferritin dropped over the time that they found a 3cm mass in my neck on u/s on a Monday in March and then when I went back on Wed. of that week the next radiologist said it was not there. Endo said the mass had resolved-most likely a hashimoto's reactive lymph node. 3 months later, next u/s mass is there and this radiologist who was the first to find it said it was exactly as he saw it before and that the other radiologist missed it. So to say I was stressed over that period of about 5 months would be an understatement.I continue to feel stressed about this but,the FNA didn't show cancer. Though the specialist said it could be cancer but the tissue taken didn't show it. I will see one more specialist in January and see what he says.
I am trying various techniques to reduce stress and next week I am going to see a naturopath about anxiety. She is going to review the supplements I am taking and hopefully she will have some ideas that I can implement. I will let you know what she says. I am going to ask her about the ferritin too--though my general doctor and my endo are managing that .
Long story short , I understand completely about stress. Your drs. analysis about stress screwing up our absorption makes perfect sense to me.
I have backed away from big things over the past year due to trying to limit stress. Your house buying was no doubt a really big stressor.
It's getting late here but I am thinking that maybe we could try to help each other by sharing things we have read or are doing that can help with stress. . Even though we are not doing so well with stress maybe we can get better at it :) I really hope that we can because it stresses me out just thinking of how stress is hurting us in so many ways. Now that is bad .....stressing about stress.
I have several guided meditation cds that really help me to relax and sometimes to fall asleep. And, if that doesn't feel like what I am needing, I also have some therapeutic harp music for relieving pain and another one for relieving stress that help alot. When I listen to the harp music it somehow stops my brain going round in circles. It doesn't always work, but often enough. I also try to gear down- to limit overstimulation. Less tv. More reading and listening to music . And, of course exercise. But, stress is still taking a toll on me so I am still working on this project.
What are your methods to relieve stress?
Audrey-Audrey-Audrey--what are we going to do? I can't believe that stress caused your ferritin to go down that much, OMG. This must be why I have very little ferritin, lol I am always stressed about something, it's my nature! I know that exercise will also do that and a combination could be lethal. Were you moving a lot of heavy things or working physically hard over the limit? This will get you very quickly. My doc thinks that I use up a lot of iron because I work in the yard a lot, out in the hot sun. Exercise plays a big part I think.

I know exactly how you feel because when I had my blood check I was 43 then it dropped to 41 in 3 months. I was shocked as you were. I thought the last time that I was surely going to catch up with you or close to it, maybe next time! I go back in a few weeks and then I will know what my ferritin is. It has been 5 months the longest I have ever gone so I will be surprised any which way it comes out.

I suppose that when you mess with the ferritin, that in turn messes up your thyroid numbers. That just goes to show how much one depends on the other. Hopefully your ferritin will go back up quickly. Maybe you should increase your iron at least when you are having a period. Sorry that you dropped like that, but I'm glad that you have your own place now and soon you will be enjoying the benefits of having your own home. Just don't work too hard, it will always be there for you. Be well. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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