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Just when my ferretin was reaching never before seen heights for me and my Thyroid was responding so well to my new medication, i felt so fit and well and decided it was time i'd buy my own place. I felt i had the mental and physical health to go through with this.

Bad decision in one way!! Well i've now moved into my own place, no more paying rent and interest rates keep going down. What could be better!! I went to get my new blood test results (i have a retest every 6 weeks for my thyroid and Cortisol levels, ferretin and Vit D get tested each time too) My ferretin at my previous blood test had reached 78. I was extatic. I was hoping i would be closer to 100 this time round. Not so. My Ferretin had dropped in roughly a 6 - 7 weeks period to 50. I nearly fell off my chair when my doctor gave me the results.

My doctor asked me what on earth i had been doing to bomb like that. He thought i must have had an extraordinarily heavy period. My period was 'slightly' heavier due to my naturopath running out of the herbs i need to keep my menstrual cycles in order. I told him i had not changed a thing except to go through the biggest stress i'd suffered in years. My thyroid T3 and T4 all went backwards and i've been put on extra Thyroxine for my T4. Now my iron is roughly where i was at in December '07.

My doctor said when we suffer any forms of stress or anxiety, our digestive system does not digest food properly and we end up lacking nutrients. I think this is what happened to me as my ferretin and thyroid were all responding nicely up till now. I think also genetically i'm predisposed to a more sensitive system when it comes to stress.

I basically wanted to let those know who are stressing out over things to try and keep calm. I've never before had a blood test before and after an extremely stressful event, but this has shown how bad stress is for our entire system. I know even a ferretin of 50 is good and a lot of people would love to be up to 50, but putting in all that HARD work and effort and finally reaching 78, only to drop in a matter of weeks is so hard to take. Even seeing my thyroid results drop is upsetting.

Oh well, back to the drawing board i guess :)

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