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Cutejenny - i think you 'misread' my post. My ferretin actually DROPPED from 78 to 50 in 6 weeks. That's why i posted about "stress and ferretin". People's testimonies i think speak louder than doctors words. If you speak to most doctors they don't seem to think that thyroid patients have an issue with iron, yet why are the majority of us on years worth of iron supplements and have difficulty raising it. My thyroid doctor has raised his own thyroid to the desired level and now he takes a small dose of iron daily to keep his level from dropping. he also has Hashi's.

Osteoblast - With your particular situation i feel there is more to be stressed about as there is the additional worry of "is it cancer". For me doctors found one small nodule but nothing to worry about, but in your case, if i remember correctly from previous post, i believe you have a number of nodules? At least i don't have that to worry about and i don't actually have a goitre. It's just that my antibodies are very high and higher since my stress and my T4 and T3 were low and are low once again.

I know stress is related to malabsorption of nutrients. Each time i've gone to Europe to visit relatives, whithin a space of 2 months i put on a few kg's. Once i get back home and into my old routine i lose the weight fast. I pesonally feel that some of us are much more predisposed to suffering from stress that what others might be. What is stressful to one person wont necessarily be stressful to another. I remember when i was in my 20's, no matter how busy and stressful we got at work, i thrived on it, it gave me an adrenal boost and i truly got a kick out of crossing any obstacles in my way. It's only since my bad marriage and suffering a breakdown some years back that i began the road of feeling stress at times where i wouldn't have in the past. In hindsight i know i should have taken myself out of my marital situation years before i did. Staying and "trying" to make it work would only have compounded my problems, but i was too scared to leave, didn't know how to leave, too scared to tell my parents, was at a loss as to what direction to turn to. In the end the way i dealt with it all just made it more destructive for me.

I can happily say i'm in a much better place now and i was starting to go really good, up until buying my appartment. I guess in time i'll get there again and now i have confirmation of what stress does to me as an individual.

I basically take my meds/supplements religiously. It's extremely rare for me to miss a dose of anything. I'm extremely dedicated to doing the right thing. I have an indoor mini trampoline and i do streches and excercise on the trampoline, i have a skipping rope too which i sometimes use and i've just started doing minor upper weight raining, with of all things, 2 425gm cans of pineapple :) i heard using cans of food is just as good as small weights. I've brought my parents old record player to my place and i play some of my favourite records while i'm cooking dinner and some of the more boppy ones have me dancing around and looking like an idiot, but who cares, nobody can see anyway :) Some of the records remind me of better days or certain times back in the past and it makes me happy and puts a really good feeling in me and makes me feel positive and like i can achieve anything.

I like to try different recipes, but when i'm stressed i don't feel like experimenting. I've now dug out a lot of my old cook books and i find it relaxing to just get lost in a cake recipe which i've never tried.

I love swimming, walking and cycling. There is a local pool within walking distance and when it's warm i like to do laps. I'm thinking of bringing my old bike up from my parents place which i can ride in the local park. the park is quite big and runs along a river so it's picturesque too and calming.

One of my friends would like to try something new and we've decided on archery lessons at the Olympic park where the olympics were held here. I say if we're naturals at it we could end up in the London Olympics , hehehehehe.

I don't have problems falling asleep. it's only when i've been very stressed that i wake during the night and can't get back to sleep. They say having a hot cup of milk and a banana acts as a natural sedative. Peppermint tea is also supposed to be a big relaxant.

Apparently the more successes we have in life the better it is for our Testosterone levels too. The trichologist i used to see says he'd get women with super high Testosterone. If you dont produce enough cortisol this can mess up your testosterone and push it up too. Cortisol and the Adrenals get stuffed up due to stress too, so i guess it's all one viscious cycle and it's best to keep stress at bay by whatever method you can. although i've heard exercise is the favoured method.

I was once given one of those relaxation CD's, but i tend to get fidgety, i'm better off with taking a walk or jumping around on the trampoline.

Maybe the fact we feel stress so easily is a genetic thing and somtimes i think it could be the way i was raised. My parents were always quite strict and they never let me give up on things and made me see things through till the end. This ended up with me setting too a high a standard for myself. I don't expect others to be perfect, yet i expect perfect results from myself. I felt if i didn't achieve and be the person they wanted me to be that i would be a failure of sorts, i think that is also the reason why i stayed in my marriage far longer than i should have. But i guess that's a whole other story, but i do feel that the way we raise children can have a bearing on how they deal with life. I don't dwell much on this, but sometimes i do remind myself that it's ok not to achieve in all areas.

I hope your January doctors visit ends up being a positive one. It's hard to know whether to get rid your thyroid or to keep it. There are pros and cons on both sides i think. Take care and thanks for your relaxation suggestions :)

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