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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your reply.

Back in November 08 my blood test showed to have B12=246 and Ferritin(iron stores)=21. Doctor said my B12 should be double and my iron stores much more aswell.

Although I have got my blood checked for numerous other things since then to rule out what may be causing the low B12 and ferritin e.g negative test to intrinsic factor, I haven't got my B12 and ferritin levels checked since November. For the moment I want to take a break from the blood tests because I have had alot over the last few months so I will wait a bit until I get another blood test to check what the levels of B12 and ferritin are.

Do you know based on my levels in Nov 08, how long it should take?

I have switched to getting the B12 injections every 2 weeks and am taking Ferrous Gluconate iron tablets but am really feeling exhausted the last 2 weeks and just need to know from someone who has experience with this how long it takes to bring up the levels and is there anything that speeds up the process? It is so exhausting even just to do normal everyday things and I feel like a zombie most of the time and it is very unlike me because I am usually very determined and want to achieve things but I have no energy or desire to do things at the moment.

Uh...any advice?

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