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Talshi, out of curiosity...what is your ferritin? I have exact same symptoms as you...except i suffer from insomnia, muscle twitches, shakiness, lighteheadedness, and the foggi brain.

My b12 was a 311 and my doc said this wasn't low. He said this wasnt causing my probs. I started (on my own) to take 2000 mg b12 a day. Havent had it checked since the 311. But my iron was also extremely low...ferritin of 1. Was still feeling awful when it was 16, and that was the last I had it checked. After four months taking iron, b12, multi, magnesium, and others, I started to feel SO MUCH better..noticeably better. Then I got a period and have been feeling awful for three or four weeks again. So I dont know which is down again...but I too have been to sleep study, eeg, mri, among others...

My neck and shoulders feel tense...and my husband is starting to doubt me. It seems as though I am always sick and forgetful and never have nergy to do anything with him.

Anyway, hope you can get some shots if thats what you need or want. i am seeing a new gyne to talk about the extremely heavy periods and anemias.

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