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[QUOTE=8monthslater;3786674]Magnesium 2.1
Iron 145 [COLOR="Red"]Good[/COLOR]
TIBC 362
Saturation 40[COLOR="Red"]You don't want this over 45% (iron overload)[/COLOR]

WBC 4.1
RBC 4.66 [COLOR="Red"]4.55 is Optimal, so you look good.[/COLOR]
Hemoglobin 14.0 [COLOR="Red"]Optimal[/COLOR]
Hematocrit 42.1[COLOR="Red"]Optimal[/COLOR]
MCV 90.3 [COLOR="Red"]Optimal[/COLOR]
MCH 30.0
MCHC 33.3
RDW 15.4 (high)[COLOR="Red"]Anemia presents a varied size distribution of RBC's and a high RDW. Your almost in range.[/COLOR]
platelet count 246[COLOR="Red"]Normal[/COLOR]
Ferritin 17 (Low, but a little better)[COLOR="Red"]At least your on the charts! This takes time.[/COLOR]
B12 594[COLOR="Red"]B-12 should be at the top of the range, if you can get there. It's okay, a little above (Possible) symptom stage 400-500.[/COLOR]
Folate 21.0 [COLOR="Red"]Don't know what your test range is here but I think it's normal >20, you will have to look on your labs.[/COLOR]

September results
WBC 4.7
RBC 4.14
Hemoglobin 12.3
Hematocrit 37.2
MCV 89.9
MCH 29.8
MCHC 33.1
RDW 14.0
Platelet count 231
Ferritin 10

Any thoughts?? I am feeling slightly better. I just quit taking my PPI and have started Apple Cider Vinegar instead. Hoping it will work and keep my shortness of breath away. Maybe I can start to absorb more iron.

How does my B12 and folate seem? It says it is normal range. Thank you!! Stacy[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Red"]Stacy--Your labs look really good. Optimal are the numbers that you want to shoot for and you are there! Congrats! Now, you have the ferritin to replete and continue building your B-12 and that takes time. Let me know how the vinegar works out for you without PPI's. Good luck to you. Hope that you are feeling better. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/COLOR]

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