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Re: Hello, new here
Nov 12, 2008
Rhiannon68--Your labs/MCV basically mean that you have smaller RBC's in size and shape, less oxygen. Your H & H are were L/N (14 to be optimal) and you were not considered anemic (IF your RBC was normal also) at the time of blood draw according to your labs. But........the ferritin of 2 means you have no iron left in storage to hold your Hgb up to the normal range. However, you have fixed this by now if you have been on a good dose of iron for 4 months as you said. The Ferritin (you already know this) can take up to a year to fill for a healthy normal person, some people are lucky and fill at a faster rate. Your new blood work should look pretty good compared to these labs.

All your symptoms point to anemia and low/no ferritin. I do find it a little unusual that you had PICA (a symptoms of anemia) with a low normal H & H, perhaps you were mildly anemic (I didn't see your RBC count), and it didn't show on the labs yet??? You were very borderline for mild anemia. What did your doctor say?

I had an endometrial ablation to slow/stop my periods. I am still amazed a year later that there is hardly any blood loss, one day of spotting. If it were not for good hygiene I wouldn't need to use anything. Sorry if that was TMI. It's well worth having a procedure of whatever form that is right for you, if it will stop your bleeding problems. You will not fix your problems until you stop the loss. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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