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Re: Hello, new here
Nov 11, 2008
have been suffering from some odd symptoms for about 3 yrs and discovered that I have a iron count of 2.
[COLOR="Blue"]Rhiannon68, welcome to the boards!

It takes years to deplete the ferritin levels if it is due to heavy periods. This is a definite culprit for blood loss which ends sometimes in iron deficiency anemia. There are symptoms (I believe) with a low ferritin, mainly fatigue, but many doctors do not believe or know this:confused:.[/COLOR]

Dr said it was anxiety which I do have a history of.
[COLOR="Blue"]A health history helps with a diagnosis, sometimes it is not ~always~ related. Anemia can cause [B]depression[/B] and [B]anxiety[/B] for many. I had to take an evaluation to prove to my Neuro and other doctors that it was not depression. It came back as anxiety, which I knew it would because of the way I answered the questions. However, my anxiety/concern was why I had all these symptoms and the doctors don't know what to say about it, because apparently they don't know all. They are unfamiliar with many of the symptoms. The doctors weren't helping me so I became anxious, but only at the time of doctor's appointments. I too did the whole MS route 2 MRI's and nerve conduction testing all was normal, thank goodness![/COLOR]

I had also found out from my Dr that I had Pica, I chewed and swallowed 4 packs a gum a day for 3 yrs. :confused:
[COLOR="Blue"]My first symptom was PICA for ice. I was like you exactly, but with ice, which is a know symptom of anemia. I had already been chewing ice for months before I realized that it was a BIG problem after researching the net. As a child I was always told that I was anemic so I thought nothing of it when I read about it and really didn't take it too seriously. I had no idea what anemia meant! I have now been on iron for 2 years.[/COLOR]

But the thing that I found most scarey was this weird brain, head sensation that would get. I felt spaced out, dream like and just unable to think, etc.
Do you all think this was from my iron being so low??
[COLOR="Blue"]I do think this is a symptom of anemia. Every time I had my period I was very ill. I got to the point that I was scared to have my next period. Now I hardly have one and I'm so pleased, it was the best thing that I have ever done for myself.[/COLOR]

I am on iron meds and feel a bit better, no more Pica and discovered my periods are the culprit. I have been on iron for 4 months now.
[COLOR="Blue"]You won't be able to fill the ferritin very well until you stop the blood loss. I don't know what your H & H values are, but in my case my doc said that it would be blood transfusion or ablation, I had an ablation. This still didn't resolve the low ferritin only the anemia portion. I take PPI's that cause malabsorption of iron. Anyway, I thought that I could go on taking iron until my periods stopped with menopause and the doctors didn't say otherwise. Then one doctor put it to me as transfusion or ablation, and it was then that I actually "got it" and did something about it.[/COLOR]

Can anyone relate to these odd symptoms?
[COLOR="Blue"]I think that most people here can relate as you can see from their posts.[/COLOR]

Please reply I am so afraid!
[COLOR="Blue"]From my experience I can tell you that as your iron and ferritin levels go up to normal range you will begin to respond by some if not all symptoms resolving. IF you are left with any then you can address those at that time, but try not to worry because that is added stress and you need rest to help repair your body and make new iron loaded RBC's. I had to quit working which is huge for me. My husband had to take care of me for the first year. It was really bad, I had a 2 ferritin and 8.5 Hgb, but didn't stop the blood loss for something like 6 months and was unable at times to take iron. Therefore, my Hgb had a hard time building back up to non anemic levels. You really might want to start checking out your options as a resolution to blood loss. See your OBGYN. Good luck to you and know that you have the support of this board. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/COLOR]

Rhiannon68--Regarding your next post and questions. My symptoms got worse with every period then better so I think this is a normal thing. The more of a drain that you put on your system the more symptoms. For example; when I ate a meal I would have palps. When I tried to work around the house I got dizzy and more.

I would break out in nausea and sweats sometimes or feeling off for several years (always related to exercise), before I was diagnosed. Now, I have none of this, only fatigue (some thyroid symtoms, I have that too) with a 41 ferritin last time checked.

How much iron are you taking 2X daily? Do you know what your H & H were when checked? If you haven't already, you should get a hard copy of your test results for future reference. You can post your labs if you like. Hope you get good results this time. Hopefully you are only dealing (which is a lot) with a low ferritin at this point. Were ever anemic? FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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