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Re: Hello, new here
Nov 14, 2008
Steph--What's strange is that I felt fine with a 2 ferritin and it was on the way up that I became so ill. It must have been going on a long, long time, meaning years. The severity of anemia symptoms are in proportion to the rate of development. I had PICA for a long time before I figured it out. I thought that I really liked ice now. LOL.

Shirley--I have to ask, did you ever really eat dirt? And when you say strong mints, I know in England they have very, very, strong mints. Isn't that where you are from? Seems like that's what I remember, somewhere over there.

MMM--Your MCV will also show you how long anemia has been present because the value continues to decline in IDA. Mine was 65 low which is severely small RBC's, check your MCV.

Ria--I have never heard of PICA as a symptom of low ferritin, but that doesn't mean that it not for you as an individual. This is my thinking from what I have been told by doctors and from what I have read. Maybe it really just comes down to an extremely low iron in general that causes this. And in the end, do they really know? I wonder sometimes. I know you can be anemic with periods and go back to a normal Hgb after so perhaps people are anemic and cycle back and forth. That is another possibility. But we do know this is related to low iron because it stops the symptoms rather quickly. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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