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Re: Hello, new here
Nov 10, 2008
Your body needs iron to create hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what distributes oxygen to your organs. If you take too much iron, that can cause severe problems too. The best thing to do is to get a blood test that checks both hemoglobin and iron levels. Like me, my iron is low, but as long as I have no bleeding, the hemoglobin levels are normal. So I have to be careful not to take too much iron. Low iron levels can cause multi organ failure, heart problems, fainting, and an abnormal craving for unhealthy things (like salt, dirt, etc.) I have found that Slow FE (an over the counter drug) is the best if you have had problems with iron bothering your stomach. Worse case, you may need blood transfusions or IV therapy to increase your levels - but that is worse case and not the norm. Other medical problems that you may have could affect the treatment plan your doctor may have. Best this is to check with your doctor before taking any iron meds.

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