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No problem at all, i didn't take your post as dimissing my problem. Actually they did blame it on stress and hormones and tried to get me to take birth control pills, seeing them as a "fix all". I did try to go on BCP's, but had 3 very unsuccessful attempts with extreme side effects. Maybe it was my body trying to tell me to keep looking for the answer to the problem :)

The very first clue to my hair loss was somebody commenting on the hair board that low iron can cause hair loss. The reason i didn't act on that information was that i thought that anybody who ate meat couldn't be anemic or suffer low iron. Boy was i wrong!! Then later i found out i was down to a ferretin of 8 and i began asking questions and as my hair loss still presisted i ended up visiting a Trichologist, having given up on other doctors/specialists. The Trichologist discovered my Hashimoto's, but as he isn't allowed to write out prescriptions he had to refer me onto a doctor who could. Fortunately he personally knew a doctor at a university who had a special interest in thyroid sufferers who didn't have an ultra high TSH or were not rock bottom in their T4 or T3. People who endo's refuse to treat due to not being way off the scale in their test results.

If it wasn't for the Trichologist and his doctor friend at the university i don't know where i'd be at today and that thought utterly scares me. Also the fact that there are people walking around, in the same boat i was in, and getting not help. That's why i get annoyed with doctors and the medical board.

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