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lola56--It looks like your MMA is elevated although I think that some other things can also cause this. This would be for your doctor to decide. I think that if it correlates with a low B-12 serum then it is probably a B-12 deficiency.

Yes, your ferritin is low, and as Hoppy stated, it should be at least 50 to feel healthy and 70-100 to be optimal, which is the goal here. Although your labs show you as normal, it is not really too normal to be that low. Ferritin is the iron stores in the bone marrow and organs, iron deficiency causes (low iron stores) with anemia being the end stage IDA. Low ferritin can often times be a precursor to IDA. Your iron stores are reduced at 26, but not yet exhausted. You still have some iron stored for use:) to keep your Hgb up.

It is quite common to have both iron deficiency (lowered ferritn) and B-12 deficiency anemia at the same time. You might want to (see a GI doc) and be tested for Celiac then (IF) if deficiency is a fact. PA is an autoimmune disease that causes both iron and B-12 to be low as well as Celiac disease. Point is that you have to find a reason why and not just treat symptoms. What type of tests have you had to this point? B-12 def. is due to diet, malabsorption syndromes, or GI tract causes. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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