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Hello, :)

I have been researching inflammation because my inflammation markers are also high. Do you have any problems with your kidney function? In renal insufficiency, the presence of an acute inflammatory state could be connected to anemia. The anemia of chronic disease can be distinguished from the other types by the ferritin levels, which are either normal or ELEVATED. (Unlike mine!) Don't forget your anemia could have two or more causes. You've lost some blood with the surgeries and the blood loss may have played a role in your becoming anemic.

CRP in ultra high levels can only be seen with active inflammatory processes, such as severe infection, major trauma, malignancy, autoimmune or chronic inflammatory diseases. When the CRP is elevated, the other inflammation markers, including ESR, are usually increased as well, while the levels of certain markers decrease. Your doctors will rule out various causes of inflammation until the right one is isolated. You've had some tests already, there are more tests that could be done. My testing will include a renal biopsy. One good possibility that should be considered and was not mentioned previously is atherosclerosis. This is a highly inflammatory process at every stage. I don't know whether your risk factors for this condition are high.

I have some concerns about my hemoglobin level decreasing, because the biopsy involves quite a bit of bleeding from the kidneys afterwards, and I am also awaiting surgery. That's not even counting the blood draws for pre-surgical screening and other tests. Too much blood going out the window! :dizzy:

Good luck with your tests. Have faith in your doctors.

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