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Re: Anemia
Nov 27, 2008
lorilori--Sorry I was not clear enough. Although it is not as bad as it could be, it is not good!! Some people come on here and are very scared, don't know what the severity of there anemia is so I tell them exactly. Anemia symptoms DO NOT always correlate with the HGB value. Some people with mild anemia feel almost as bad as a serious anemia, if you see what I mean. How healthy you are and age also makes a big difference of how well your body can tolerate the anemia. And the rate of development is also in proportion to the symptoms. A quicker development the more profound the symptoms. But at a 8.0 if this were the case you would probably see a lot of blood because your Hgb is very low. I was just trying to put it into perspective for the above poster that it is moderate anemia, not severe/serious. Big difference in needing a blood transfusion and being a point away. But at 8.0 (not the same as the poster above at 8.7 hgb) you are borderline serious/severe, just to let you know. Those points make a difference. So, although it is not life serious/severe, life threatening, it's not healthy and not at all in any way conducive to the body functions; such as heart (brain and organs) on and on.

I was 8.5 and cannot imagine anything lower. I became very ill with many strange symptoms, had to stop working (be cared for 1 year by my dh), and it has taken the best part of 2 years to recover. My anemia was complicated though because other things happened as a result.

Have you also had your B-12, Folate checked? I hope so. Drinking is a great question! It can deplete B vitamins and iron (more so B's I believe) and would depend on how much drinking is going on. Red wine with dinner will wash out the iron that you are taking in while white wine is a natural enhancer. Ice tea will also wash out the iron intake. I was drinking red wine or iced tea with my meals and taking a PPI's 1 hr before my main iron meal. All of this along with heavy periods (polyps) helped cause this problem. But it does take years to deplete at this rate. So, drink white wine. :) moderately of course!! I can tell you that I was too ill for 1 year to even think about wanting to have a glass of wine. Now I can enjoy one, once in a while, never red though.

I really think that what you are feeling is most likely very much related to a 8.0 Hgb because that's pretty low! They thought that I had MS. Hope this helps a little.

You do need to see a GI doc and have other things ruled out. I don't know your age but when you are older this should always be done. And no matter what age anemia should be diagnosed with a cause. Good luck to you and keep us posted! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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