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hi everyone:)

For anyone interested I came upon some interesting facts.When your body is low in vitamins....which includes being low in B12 you are prone to have;
Weight Loss
Fluid Retention
Easy Bruising
Peripheral Neuropathy(nerve damage...)
Muscle Weakness
Poor Balance
Parathesis(pins 'n needles in hands/feet)

Of course some of these I was aware of,but the fluid retention was a surprise to me!;)

When I was deficient in B12 I remember having fluid retention really bad and also having a high(30+)protein count in my urine tests.

So after researching on this I found that we need protein in the blood to keep fluid from leaking out of the blood vessels into body tissue(edema) which causes fluid retention.

So this second time around for me with low B12 I have noticed that the fluid retention has gotten better after several B12 injections....makes a whole lotta sense to me.:)

RainbowsEnd....hi buddy!

Very good in fact Excellent Advice to Bill....I Completely agree with your post to him.When I was very sick back in 1996 my urine had lots of protein in it and I had symptoms of Lupus.In 1999 I was given a lupus anti-coagulant test(which I just found out recently from Vee on the lupus board)is not really a lupus test(strange,isn't that?),anyways I tested borderline positive for that test.Lupus also can cause anemias too(interesting!).Well I just wanted to share that with you.:)

There are so many health issues that can be related to each other....that's why I'm so thankful for everyone here sharing their knowledge/advice about different health topics......we all benefit so much from it.:angel:

Do you happen to know if there is a specific test for Vitamin D?I thought they just check your calcium for that,but I believe I'm wrong on that one:o

I am so happy that your good health has returned my friend!IFor your information I am a fan of dolls!I have been purchasing a few "ooak polymer dolls" from the place where you bid on and buy things...they have some lovely dolls on there.I told Cindy that bidding on dolls is like therapy for me....I love my little doll collection....and your dolls sound so adorable.Cindy is my good friend and she sells all kinds of things(she got real busy last week and made like $1,000 on she's saving up for her dr. visit at TCI in New York on Dec.1rst).She's been real tired from working on getting all those orders mailed,but she takes her time and stops to rest when she needs it.:)

Even when we're sick we can do things that help us feel like we are contributing and that's why Cindy said she's so glad she started her store when she first became sick,because it gives her something to do and it helps pay for all her medical debts.She is such a kind person and a great friend.I've sold a few things on auction,but I don't have a store...I really like buying better than selling....hahaha.So I wish I could see what your dolls look like maybe you could describe them to me...I love dolls...especially handmade ones.:angel:


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