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I too didn't realise how important B12 was until i read people's posts about it. Fortunately i never had problems with my B12, but then again i was taking a daily Multi B vitamin so not sure if has helped with the B12. My ferretin, Vit D and iodine were the ones which were extremely low.

It took me many years to find a doctor who knew what was what and to figure out what to test and how to treat me. I ended up having a thyroid condition known as Hashimoto's. A lot of thyroid sufferers also have low/difficult to raise iron, gluten intolerance, low Vit D and some have low iodine too. Now that i've got myself more or less sorted out, i'm now getting my dad's doctor to test him for all these things too. Problem is that his GP seems to think everything is "normal", but his B12 was only 20 points from the bottom. So now i've bought him some multi B supplements and once he's finished it i'll get him retested.

With Vit D there are 2 types of pathology tests that i know of. My doctor always writes D3 on the pathology request. I've never heard of testing Vit D via a calcium test. A lot of people have low Vit D and find once they start supplementing that certain health issues disappear.

It's so good having the internet around and being able to do research and get insight from others.

I agree on relaxation too. All my test results where coming along nicely, then i went through a huge amount of stress for about 6 - 8 weeks and my next retest showed iron and thyroid tests had dropped like a rock!! Just goes to show we need as much calm in our lives or a place or an activity we can retreat into which is calming for both mind, body and spirit. Rainbows End, your room sounds so lovely and relaxing :)

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