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Re: B12 Question
Nov 23, 2008
[QUOTE=Rhiannon68;3802782]I posted a while back under another thread, I have low iron.
I have been reading about low B12, is there a specific test for this? I don't know if it was included in my blood worK.
Also, should I also be taking a supplemtent for that since I do have low iron?[/QUOTE]

Hi Rhiannon68

There is a few specific tests for B12 dont assume your doctor has taken theses already though.....:D
You will needthe following
[COLOR="DarkRed"]Serum B12 [/COLOR]---blood
[COLOR="DarkRed"]Homocysteine--- [/COLOR](can be elevated in B12 deficiencies but high levels can be caused from other conditions)
[COLOR="DarkRed"]uMMA-----([/COLOR]urine test more sensetive than the serum MMA) this will be elevated in a B12 deficiency but other diseases can elevate this as well but it is used if your serum B12 is in the normal ranges to detect a deficiency on the cellular level)
[COLOR="DarkRed"]Active B12---- [/COLOR]now I know this is done in Australia but not sure about elsewhere this is supposed to give levels at the cellular level too I had this one done and it was very low.....

With a word on levels and their normal ranges in most countries bar Japan & som european countries the levels are 200-900( in Japan they are 550-1600 no wonder they have a low incidence of alzheimers)
if you are around say 300 your doctor will say you are normal this is not necessarily correct if you have symptoms that range is to low for you that is when the uMMA is excellent.....The prob;lem comes trying to convince the docs to treat it at this level..
I was low but within range for 5 years then bammm all of a sudden it dropped to 130 and they decided they would treat me I could have done with treatment when I was 372 the highest I have been with out therapy as I had strong symptoms then......In my iron studies the only thing out was my ferritinn at 30 on the lowish side this seems to be the case with B12 problems
You dont have to have a iron deficiency to have B12 deficeincy but anemai can be a sign of PA which is B12 related you should also have your [COLOR="DarkRed"]red cell folate tested to........[/COLOR]
With regard to supplementing this can skew your test results perhaps get them done first but if you are really bad some say why wait but I think get the tests done.......I would also get checked for Celiac disease which can cause deficiency in the following
And unless you address that cause you will always have the deficiencies and celiacc disease can be kept at bay with diet this is my problem.....

I would be interested to know what other symptoms you are experiencing?;)

if you are experiencing neuro damage the aim is not only to correct those blood levels (which I dont bother with any more I go by how I feel as I know the feeling so well now) but to repair as much damage as you can so the therapy you have is very important the type of B12 is crucial not all B12s are the same.........

I am happy to help as much as I can with any questions re B12

Good luck let us know how you get on

Rainbows End:)

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