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[QUOTE=sarahc123;3802949]Good morning! I have been reading these boards for a few weeks and just decided to post. I am almost 6 years post gastric bypass, with a severe iron deficiency and vitamin D deficiency. Looks like I have a lot of company.. many bypass patients have similar issues. I just completed 7 iv iron infusions (venofer). I tried Infed and Ferrlicit but I had an allergic reaction to both. I am hoping I won't have to have any more infusions. I am going to have another hematologist appointment on Dec. 13 and I will see if my numbers have improved. Prior to infusions, my ferritin was 1, iron level 7 and Hb runs about 10. I am a lab technician, so I have to resist the urge to have my blood run often, lol.

Just wanted to say hey and I hope to get to know some of you!


Sarahc123--Welcome to the boards!!! Sorry to hear that you are joining the club!

Wow!! If I were a tech, I would be in sooo much trouble. That would be so hard when you are going through things of this nature. I know I may not be a lab tech, but I do set my testing schedules and then see the docs to play the game. Are you able to do your own testing? I would be in heaven and could get a little dangerous I suppose:D. Hmmmmmmmm...what tests would I order???

So, Sarah, is this the first time that you have had a problem? I'm sure you have read the other thread regarding GB. I have a question for you in that case. Were you told to take B-12 shots the rest of your life:confused:??? I hope the answer is yes! I was moderately anemic last year with a 2 ferritin, I couldn't get IV because I was too risky already and complicated. My ferritin 2 years later is 41. I had testing done on Sat., so I am stressing about my new numbers because last time they didn't budge. I am hoping and praying for good news so keep your fingers crossed for me K;). I would definitely be one to have a bad reaction, I react to almost anything, very sensitive in nature. I, too, hope that you will not have to stay on this therapy and can go the oral route, it is so slowww for some. I have a little malabsorption due to PPI's for 9 years now.

Sarah, thanks for saying hey, there's a lot of great people here full of support! Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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