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Hi Ladies,

Fatigue - it took me six months to jump by 12 points to get my ferritin to 22. It takes a long time! I am still taking supplements daily and the one I take is called FERSADAY (100mg) which is ferrous fumertate 322mg. I take one of these per day, this is the one the doctor has prescribed for me. I also take one FEROGLOBIN B12 tablet per day which is 24mg ferrous fumerate and includes other B vits and zinc and copper. This is from a company called Vitabiotics and I get it online as I don't have a supplier near me. They are really gentle on the stomach too. So in all I take 124mg iron per day as a supplement, then of course in my diet I include red meat a few times a week, which is the best way to get iron. Also, cereals are a good source as iron is added but I am not a fan of cereal. The spinach you are taking will probably not be doing you any good ironwise as it also has something in it that cancels the benefits of the iron out! I also have plenty of veg and fruit, brocolli is a good source. You must also take Vit C and I take a high dose supplement which helps with absorption of the iron. Stuff such as calcium, tea and coffee can hinder absortion so these are best avoided until a couple of hours after or before taking your pills.

I have been taking this increased dosage of iron for the past couple of months so I don't know what my ferritin is at at the moment, hopefully it is much higher but I do not feel any better.

I also have crashing fatigue where I just cannot seem to keep going for a second longer but I always seem to keep going!

God knows how long my ferritin has been low, but I was struck down by Labyrinthitis 4 years ago (inner ear virus), and I too have put loads of weight on, I just cannot seem to lose it! I am putting it down to middle age because I am 48 years old. I have a cousin who is the same age as me as she has no other health problems and she is bigger than me!!

Kitty - please don't feel guilty that you cannot do what you used to do. I used to blitz the whole house on a Monday every week and EVERYTHING would get done. Now I have to accept that I cannot do that anymore because it totally wears me out and I do a little each day. You do have something wrong with you and it is not an excuse -it is real!

I have never been a one for exercise but I love to walk. Why don't you try that? It is good for the health and good for the mind. Give it a go - you might enjoy it!

Take care

Mac2 x
Mac2 - that is some good advice and tips, thanks. I've also read that red wine inhibits iron absorbtion while white wine enhances it - just in case you like a glass of wine - :)

With exercising and low ferritin, exercise is good, but keep it gentle and minimal while ferritin is low. Obviously this is due to tiring easily due to less oxygen running through your system due to insufficient iron stores to transport it. Overtaxing the system can actually send your iron stores falling again.

Fatigue - as your ferritin levels rise you should feel better and less fatigued, unless there is an underlining cause. In my case i did have an underlining cause. I had an autoimmune thyroid condition as well as adrenal fatigue. I became suspicious why i was so deathly tired even when my ferritin had risen into the 40's and 50's.

The person who gave me the most help with my ferritin was a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist) due to my hair shedding. Now my thyroid doctor monitors my ferritin levels.

Most people have their GP monitor their ferritin and i'm sure there are other doctors who are capable of dealing with ferritin. A lot of doctors will however tell you that your ferritin is fine once it falls within the lab range, even if it's at the bottom of the range. Sometimes it comes down to either arguing with a doctor that it needs to be higher or simply going it on your own and taking the iron supplements and then asking for a retest 3 months down the track.

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