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Mac2 - that is some good advice and tips, thanks. I've also read that red wine inhibits iron absorbtion while white wine enhances it - just in case you like a glass of wine - :)

With exercising and low ferritin, exercise is good, but keep it gentle and minimal while ferritin is low. Obviously this is due to tiring easily due to less oxygen running through your system due to insufficient iron stores to transport it. Overtaxing the system can actually send your iron stores falling again.

Fatigue - as your ferritin levels rise you should feel better and less fatigued, unless there is an underlining cause. In my case i did have an underlining cause. I had an autoimmune thyroid condition as well as adrenal fatigue. I became suspicious why i was so deathly tired even when my ferritin had risen into the 40's and 50's.

The person who gave me the most help with my ferritin was a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist) due to my hair shedding. Now my thyroid doctor monitors my ferritin levels.

Most people have their GP monitor their ferritin and i'm sure there are other doctors who are capable of dealing with ferritin. A lot of doctors will however tell you that your ferritin is fine once it falls within the lab range, even if it's at the bottom of the range. Sometimes it comes down to either arguing with a doctor that it needs to be higher or simply going it on your own and taking the iron supplements and then asking for a retest 3 months down the track.

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