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I have been reading through the posts and see that a lot of people with low ferritin levels also suffer dizziness and balance problems.

I have suffered these problems for years now and every time I catch a virus my problems escalate. (Maybe because my body is trying to dip into my iron reserves which are just not there?) My ferritin levels are 10 though I am not anaemic.

I also have a few of the other symptoms mentioned by many of you i.e. hair loss, palpitations, chest pain.

I have had many visits to the ENT over these last 4 years but nothing has been found regarding my ears. My doctor, however, insists that my problems are because of my ears, I was initially diagnosed with Labrynthitis then Vestibular Neuronitis. I am beginning to wonder if all my problems have been down to having low iron reserves due to all the stuff I am reading on this board.

I have been taking liquid iron for a couple of months now but do not feel any different. I know it takes a while to get into the system and I know I am probably not taking enough. I have been taking liquid iron, six 5ml spoons per day, each spoon has 7mg iron in it. I have changed this to taking one slow release capsule which has 24mg in it plus two spoons of the liquid stuff. Does this seem ok? I am taking a brand called Feroglobin and I am terrified to overdose on this stuff! Is it really ok to take more than the recommended dosage listed on the packet?

Also, those of you who have suffered dizziness, at what level was your ferritin when you stopped experiencing these symptoms? I live in hope!!!

Thank you.


You may also want to get your thyroid(TSH, Free T3, and Free T-3 and antibody tested). When I problems started about 4 years ago, it was due to anemia. I had heavy periods, bleeding ulcers and having 5 kids over the years ran my system down. No doctor ever tested me for anything until I was at death's door. I was finally dx with hypothyroidism, ulcers, and heavy period, and absorption problems which I do not absorb iron or vit at all.
It is a shame that you have to be almost dead for doctors take you seriously.
I also had sinus problems and finally had sinus surgery. I still have dizziness when I my sinus acts up. But my ENT told me that my eyes are not connecting signals to my brain. Also found out that I have herniated c spine disc which also causes dizziness. The only thing that works really well is half a Xanax for the dizziness. My ENT says it helps to calm the nerves in my head/ear.
Your ferritin should be at least 50 according to my hematologist. My hair stops falling around 70. The only way I can get enough iron is by infusion. You may want to get your basic test at your PCP but a hematologist can help you with your iron. They know more about ferritin levels than a PCP.

What kind of specialist can I see for fatigue? This has been going on for years. I have been to:
1) My family Dr who is also a GYN. She did blood tests and said Im fine.
2) Went to a diet center Oct. 2008 to find relief with b12 shots. They did blood test and gave me the iron supplement Repliva 21/7. I feel alot better BUT, there is this underlying fatigue. I took the iron for 3 months and they took me off. I crashed a week later. Very short of breath. No energy. It even seemed to trigger feelings of anxiety. Maybe because I was so short of breath! So the diet center put me back on Repliva and I feel much better! The recommended a Hematologist.
2) I went to a Hematologist March 6 2009: She drew 7 vials of blood. Checked hormones, Thyroid, iron and more i guess. She said my iron was good but on the low side and to keep taking Repliva. And that is all the knowledge that she had! DID NOT MENTION FERRITIN UNTILL I ASKED! She said it was low.

I need a specialist that helps people specifically with low Ferritan OR at least Fatigue. I mean, I am just guessing the FERRITAN is the problem.

ANY knowledge that you have would be helpful. Thank You
Mac2 - that is some good advice and tips, thanks. I've also read that red wine inhibits iron absorbtion while white wine enhances it - just in case you like a glass of wine - :)

With exercising and low ferritin, exercise is good, but keep it gentle and minimal while ferritin is low. Obviously this is due to tiring easily due to less oxygen running through your system due to insufficient iron stores to transport it. Overtaxing the system can actually send your iron stores falling again.

Fatigue - as your ferritin levels rise you should feel better and less fatigued, unless there is an underlining cause. In my case i did have an underlining cause. I had an autoimmune thyroid condition as well as adrenal fatigue. I became suspicious why i was so deathly tired even when my ferritin had risen into the 40's and 50's.

The person who gave me the most help with my ferritin was a Trichologist (hair/scalp specialist) due to my hair shedding. Now my thyroid doctor monitors my ferritin levels.

Most people have their GP monitor their ferritin and i'm sure there are other doctors who are capable of dealing with ferritin. A lot of doctors will however tell you that your ferritin is fine once it falls within the lab range, even if it's at the bottom of the range. Sometimes it comes down to either arguing with a doctor that it needs to be higher or simply going it on your own and taking the iron supplements and then asking for a retest 3 months down the track.

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