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Hi Tibby2

Nice to hear from you. I don't know if you have picked up on my other posts but my ferritin which was tested a couple of weeks ago after taking supplements for 5 months was only up to 22! I am still feeling like c*** and have been off work for 4 weeks with terrible dizziness and balance problems. Life sucks! Can't wait to get up to a level of 50 and see if I feel any better.

I think that an attack of Labyrinthitis started all my problems. That lasted six months and occured 4 years ago. I have always, since 13 years old had heavy periods. They used to last seven days but in the last few years have only lasted 3 days but have been really heavy. So, I think my ferritin levels may have been low for years before this attack of Labyrinthitis (ear virus which actually causes dizzines, balance problems, anxiety etc.). Obviously when I got this ear stuff, my body would have tried to dip into my iron reserves to help me recover and they just weren't there. Since I was first ill, I completely changed my diet to a good healthy one with lots of veg, fruit etc. I think this is why I am not actually anaemic. So, the battle rages on - every time I get a silly little cold or something the dizzies take over my life. I also think that this is not still Labyrinthitis (which my docs insist it still is), because a) they have never found anything wrong with my ears, b) I have not suffered from anxiety since the first attack (which is classic with inner ear disorders) and c) it is very rare to keep on suffering like this with Labs (4 years now).

In answer to your question, I have seen it mentioned lots of times that ferritin levels go up and down but I don't know what causes that. I know that when I have my period I am like death warmed up and feel so tired. I'm not good at knowing when I am actually due but I can tell because the day before it comes I am so unbelievably tired. This lasts till a few days after it is over and then I start to feel normal again (as regards the tiredness).

I can only sympathise with you as I know exactly how life limiting this all is. I am sitting at home at the moment, unable to work, bored out of my skull and sick of feeling dizzy. Do you have to work?

Take care:)


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