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[QUOTE=Mac2;3901798]Hi Tibby2

That is so encouraging. I can't wait. I have started taking a much higher dose of iron in the last few days and yesterday and today I have felt great - no dizzies!!! I know this is too much of a coincidence with taking the extra iron and it taking effect so quickly but it feels so good. I haven't actually felt as good a this for about 2 years. Long may it continue!!

I too have had serious problems with the pill and was only able to take it for about two years a very long time ago (I'M 48). As I have always been a heavy bleeder I was offered a hysterectomy a few years back which I refused to have. I was also offered the coil as a form of contraception years ago but was told I couldn't have it because my periods were so heavy. This made me wonder why you had been offered it but I don't know anything about it anyway!

To think I was told about all this ferritin stuff by chance just because I got chatting to one of our regular customers at the shop where I work. I have been told for years that it is my ears even though there is NOTHING to back that up. Ooooh, I can't wait to get these levels boosted and get back to the land of the living:)

Thanks again for your input.

trust me,doctors use the ear crap for everything!.i did a rapid withdrawal from benzodiazepines 3 years ago,and one of the many terrible symptoms I had were vertigo attacks,of course it was all to do with my ears & nothing to do with the nuero damage the drugs did..or the damage they did messing up my cycle,causing me to become deficient of iron.
I am 34 btw,and nowhere near menapause.always been regular on the dot,tho heavey untill about 18 months ago. when everything suddenly went hay wire.and was diagnosed with this defficiency..nothing to do with ears!lol.that's really great,about how your feeling..we are not ever gona overdose on iron till we stop having periods,so we may as well get it down us!..

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