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Re: Update New Labs
Nov 27, 2008
A BIG congratulations to you FLFLOWERGIRL, you have now officialy over taken me :)

(Reminds FLFLOWERGIRL that i dropped from 78 to 50 and is now clawing her way back up..... hmmmm the joys of ferretin!!)

I have my retest in a couple of weeks. I've been more relaxed these days so am hoping the iron supplements absorbed more readily.

Have you had your Cortisol levels tested to see how your Adrenals are going? Most of us Hashi's people are on some form of Cortisol due to insufficient Cortisol in the morning. I'd strongly advise you to get your adrenals tested if you haven't already. Just getting that done improved my life tremendously.

I posted on another post regarding Estrogen as i thought it may have been you who had high Estrogen? My doctor did a repeat Estrogen test and i'm still high. He now has me taking a supplement called Diindolylmethane which is known to help metabolise excess Estrogen and turn it into a 'good' Estrogen and something the body can utilise and help excrete what isn't necessary or is 'bad' Estrogen. It's called 'DIM' for short. I've spent some time researching it on the net and i've come across some very interesting reading. anyway, i'll know in about 3 months if it's working and i've been on it for 1 month already. I just thought i'd mention it as i thought it was you who couldn't even drink tea due to plant estrogens.

Can you believe i'm doing the doctor rounds with my dad and am attempting to get a doctor to do all the right tests so i can be assured my dad is on track as his ferretin was only 81 a few years ago. That is quite low for a man who eats meat and doesn't have a monthly cycle!! :P I'm wondering what is keeping his ferretin out of the 100's??? His B12 was at the low end of "the range". Lowest on the range was 180 and he got 201. In my opinion that is low and i'd like him to start supplementing. The doctor we saw seemed to think............. wait for it......... "everything is ok and within range". I almost beat the doctor in saying it, just for a laugh, but thought that might tick him off, hehehe I wan't to be sure his thyroid and all the other things are where they ought to be due to thyroid issues appearing to run on my dad's side of the family. Can you believe the doctor ran a TSH test (his TSH is moving around all the time) and he kindly did the thyroid antibodies test (he's clear there so no Hashi's), but didn't run the T4 or T3, no ferretin, no vitamin D as i requested. He's given him a Cortisol test to do this morning, so we'll see how that goes, then i might re request the others as i'd really like to know.

Once again, i'm so happy for your new results and remember to get your cortisol levels checked if you haven't already or get them rechecked maybe as things can change. Even though i'm taking extra cortisol, my doctor rechecks my cortisol ever 6 weeks when i do my thyroid blood test as cortisol levels affect the thyroid function and if there is insufficient cortisol over a period of time, it will affect not only how your thyroid works but how your thyroid meds work. A lot of people think their doctor is not medicating them properly or that their thyroid refuses to stabilise, yet all along it can be inadquate cortisol levels affecting everything.

All the best and have a great weekend. I'm off to try archery for the first time ever on saturday (part of my relaxation strategy) lets hope i can aim on target and not send the arrow in the instructors direction, LOL :)
Hi FLFLOWERGIRL - I initially had a saliva hormone panel test where i had to depost a certain amount on saliva into various little tubes 4 times in the one day (6am, 12noon, 6pm, 10pm). This tracked my cortisol levels through the day and it also checked various estrogens, testosterone, progesterone and DHEA-s. It was a fantastic test and was able to reveal a lot to my doctor. A saliva test is more accurate than a blood test.

These days i do a blood test to check my cortisol every 6 weeks when i have my routine thryoid retesting, so my doctor can see how my adrenals are faring as well as my thyroid incase any med's need bumping up or down.

The adrenal test needs to be done early in the morning, roughly no later than 8am-ish. You also need to fast at least 10hours prior and no meds on morning of the test. It needs to be done early so they can see how much cortisol you have on waking so that if you are waking up with low cortisol they know how much to prescribe you. If the test is done too late in the day they can prescribe the wrong amount and it wont be effective in helping you feel better.

With your B12, do you know why it's low and you have to be on constant supplements?

Yes, i'm sure my iron will go back up. I didn't like dropping, but it's good evidence on how stress is bad for everything. I'm much calmer now and interest rates keep dropping here and are due to drop again any day now. I think that will be the 5th drop since i bought my place :) So yes, i can afford to eat red meat :) Incidentally, my dad eats red meat and being a man doesnt have monthly cycles and his ferretin was only 81 back in 2004 when he was tested. I wonder why that is? I would have thought he'd be over 100? His B12 was only 201 and the minimum was 180. Mine was somewhere close to 600. His current doctor omitted to test his ferretin and Vit D and his T4 and T3 and i specifically wanted those tested. He did test his TSH, which tends to move up and down a lot, from nearly 4.00 down to 1.80 and back up again. That indicates somethings going on. He has very low thyroid antibodies, not even close to the figures the lab gave, but i guess they are still antibodies. If only the doctor had done the T4 and T3 also it could have explained something. I'll be asking for those tests he has omitted as i don't want my dad's health being neglected the way mine was by inept doctors. Oh well, guess i should be happy he allowed my dad an adrenal check up and even knew it had to be early in the morning and fasting.

Archery was so much fun. It was an "introduction" to archery and a big group of people attended, lots of fun and laughter at missing the target, but i did get a bulls eye in the end. No sore shoulder, only a sore finger from pulling the string on the bow :) Not certain whether i'll make the London Olympics, but stay tuned........... :)
Hello ladies :) Like you FLFLOWERGIRL i do believe i'm married to iron supplements. I know my first marriage failed, but i was hoping for a better partner second time round, never realised it would be iron :p

My current doctor says that when my ferretin reaches the correct figure then he will have me taking a small daily dose to keep me at the desired figure. I seriously thought that with my digestive enzymes my iron might shoot off of it's own accord. Who knows, maybe the enzymes did help, considering i reached 78, but the stress killed it off.

Osteoblast - i replied to your post on the thyroid board and as usual got carried away and forgot to say a big thankyou for telling me about Dr Arem. You can never stop researching and learning. I think that's what keeps us positive. Every scrap of new information gives us hope. The more knowledge the more power over clueless doctors i say :) I can't wait till they go back to treating thryoids by looking at symptoms AND "optimum level" results.

I suppose my dad's ferretin could be due to age. After what i've been through i like to take charge of my dad's health, particularly as he has similar tiredness symptoms as what i used to have. He has been diagnosed with low cortisol as a result of me pushing to have it tested. His B12 is low. he's had to do 3 seperate blood tests instead of one as the doctor kept leaving things off the pathology request. The doctor can't understand why i want all this checked, but is giving in an doing it anyway. So now he'll start supplementing cortisol and hopefully wont feel as tired anymore. I've also bought him some multi B vitamins and that should see his B12 rise. Now i'm waiting to see what his T3, T4 and vitamin D will show up.

Yes, archery was so much fun and relaxing. My friend and i will try a different activity every few months. I bought some salady type seedlings to plant on my balcony. I love gardening and find that very therapeutic. I can easily get lost in my plants and lose track of time :) Hopefully this all helps those stress levels.

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