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Audrey--Can you refinance at a lower rate when rates hits bottom? That would be great! Then you could stock the freezer with red meat forget 3X weekly :).

Yes, but is that saliva test done by a regular medical doctor, do they use this type of test too? This is what I wanted to know because I will ask for it too. I go tomorrow to the Endo at 8:15 am for the cortisol testing (Addison's disease to be specific), they will be drawing blood 3 times, I don't want to give that much. I guess I will have to tell them to take the least amount possible. I do that and people think I'm crazy, but I will risk that because I just had a slew of blood tests and cannot afford to lower my ferritin when I am trying so desperately to raise my levels. It is also a fasting test as you say, so nothing but water from here on out tonight, that's a good thing though. Thanks for telling me no meds because I would have taken the Synthroid, they didn't say not to, and I had no idea. Thank you!

For you, every six weeks is a lot of blood testing. I remember when I was sick they took blood every week and then biweekly and so forth. It just defeats our hard work and all that we do to hold onto it.......
I'm sure this has a little to do with your ferritin going down as well because this is a regular schedule for you. Just as if you are having a light period. I would double your iron on those days for sure or for a couple of days. I did this the last time I had a blood draw, I can only hope that it worked.

No, my B-12 is not low it runs between 800-900, 800 without and 900 with supplements. I take it because the B Complex is good for fatigue (which I have with Hypo-T) and B-12 I take to stay at higher levels because I take PPI's for GERD. Remember???? I have no problem here, just a precaution. I am hoping that the new dose of synthroid will help. I will probably go hyper again, and that's crazy!!! What does it mean (you said it would tell something the T-4 and T-3 about what is going on) my doc never does the T-3 only T4 and TSH why is that. I guess I should ask him this, but he will say you have been on the internet LOL. I do read books as well you know LOL.

Regarding your dads ferritin. I too find this interesting about his ferritin level. When my son had his blood work done last year (at age 26, I don't know how much this matters since it is based on age and gender, I have never found this calculation) we also told him to have his ferritin done because we found out that my husband has HH Hereditary Hemochromatosis. Well, we found out that he is a carrier of this gene, but does not have the iron disorder yet. Anyway, his ferritin then at age 26 male, AND he DOES have a monthly cycle (((ROTFLMAO))), (just no blood loss, LOL) and his ferritin was only 50 and I was a little shocked by this at the time. But we are not red meat eaters, which I suppose makes the difference. My daughter is 25 and has yet to be tested for HH and Ferritin, she is the one that really needs it too. She will be going soon so I can't wait to see what her ferritin is. She also has heavy periods and is probably Hypo-T with Hashi's as well. She has a good change of having Hashimoto's from me. At this point she is not too happy with the genes that her father and I have passed on to her. We hear about this gene pool all the time. Back on topic, so, with this info about my son's ferritin, maybe your dad is not so far off on his numbers 50 no meat eater, and 80 meat eater doesn't seem so bad to me, but I am just a dumb patient :). What do you think about that??

It is so good that you look out for your dad and his labs. I do the same thing for both of my parents. I would be really ticked off too that the doc wouldn't run those labs for him upon your request. He really doesn't know who he is messing with, does he? He really should have them at his age, why not. There really is no good reason not to. My dad is running borderline anemic and the doctor says that he is fine. He is 75 so I don't know what a Hgb for an elderly male should be, I am still researching this. I tell him to get his ferritin checked, so he is going to try the next time he is in for an appointment. What is it with these doctors? It has to be their idea based on symptoms, I know. My antibodies were only 70 when I was diagnosed and that was in 05' I have no idea what they may be like now. I'm sure my doctor would not repeat this test. I can't believe your dad's doc only ran a TSH and not T-4 at the minimum. Were you at this appointment? Is your dad supplementing B-12 because that level is way too low and that was in 04'? B-12 at 600 is not too bad for you, but you should also be supplementing as well, do you?

Glad you had fun at Archery. It sounds like a great way to release stress. I will be looking for you in the Olympics. When is your next class?

Be well. I will let you know how my test comes out. I wonder how long it will take to get answers? Thanks for all the great information as always. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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