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Re: Anemia
Nov 27, 2008
[QUOTE=malikawan;3806122]Hi All

I am a patient of arthritis and have been taking pain killers for the last one year. This has destroyed my stomach and now i am on acid reducers but the bad effect that pain killers had on me was anemia. I have become anemic. My wife is also anemic but she doesn't have the symptons that I have. I feel dizzy all the time, my legs feel weak (sometimes). I have pain in my back between the shoulders. Is this all happening because of anemia? I have seen doctors several times. They say red blood cells count is low but they dont give me any medicine. Instead, they keep subscribing pain killers which, as I said, has already destroyed my stomach. What should I do? I bought iron tabs over the counter but they didn't help. Any suggestions or similar experience?


Malik Awan[/QUOTE]

Oh so many of these stories here are like me .....
I developed a mystery illness around 5 years ago after sever truama........Was told the same as you and they thought I had so many things I wont bother to mention to many but the truth was revealed this year
I am B12 deficient (well Was) had severe symptoms dizziness,memory loss ,loss of appetite, numbness,tingling,intolerance to cold ,couldnt talk properly, couldnt walk well, rombergs,l hermittes,stomach issues,bowel problems, aching joints....ect...I realized I had had stomach thing from a child but would come and go.........My deficiencies were caused from celiac disease even though I had been tested they were negative but we founfd out eventually much later......I had low iron,(I just founf out about that yesterday I never bothered to check before) Folate Def, Vit D def, and low ferritin.....

I also had terrible upper back pain inbetween my shoulder blades I know know it was nerve pain I get this back if I dare eat gluten yuk

I gather you have been taking anti inflammatories for your pains yes they wreck havoc with the gut ( itook them for 10 days only they were useless anyway and they said to take another tablet to counteract damage so I refused to take them non complient they named me LOL nice thing to have on my record)...........It destroys the acid and you end up with high stomach acid symptoms so they give you antacids which destorys the stomach even further so you dont make hyrochloric acid important for B12 utilization so now you end up with a B12 deficiency...........
Iwould strongly suggest a B12 serum test and a uMMA & Hyc test for hidden deficiency that just means if your serum levels are normal then they will show that you have a deficiency at the cellular level..... Intrinsic factor as well

Be anemic can make you feel crappy but even worse havinbg the 2 together and a lot of people do....Some people have pernacious anemia which is B12 related anemia you would need B12 injection s for life with this......

Take care hope I have been a little helpful for you:)

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