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Hi I'm new
Nov 27, 2008
Hello I'm new to the boards and very new to dealing with anemia. I was just diagnosed not quite two weeks ago although I have been experiencing symptoms for months I just didn't know for sure what was going on with my body. I am an American and currently my family and I reside in Australia, so the numbers of the test results I have won't be the same as the ones you have unfortunately, but I guess we'll do the best we can do. All I do know is right now it is nice to know I'm not alone in this. I have been feeling like I have an awful flu bug for about 6 weeks now, you know, body aches and pains, being exhausted, but yet having insomnia at night. My arms and legs hurt and jerk so much at night I keep my husband awake, and I literally walk around with brain fog all day long. It is summer right now here in OZ and I'm fact I dress in layers all the time and never take them off. I have been absolutely miserable!! I can't tell you how many times I went to my doctor and he told me it was all related to the meds I take for my shoulder injury. These meds I have been taking for two years and I have felt fine all the way up until about two months ago. Countless times I would go to his office and shake and cry telling him something is wrong with me, but he would just tell me I am in great shape and send me on my way. Yeah, great shape, in the past two months I have lost over 10 pounds making that I don't even get my period right now. Fortunately, my family had to finally get our physicals for a visas so we can stay here working, and that was when my hemoglobin, MCV, iron, TFN SAT, and Ferritin all came back very low. Well, my doctor's first, second, and third response to me was eat better and take a vitamin. He even laughed at me, he literally laughed at me and said just pack a few more pounds on you from eating at McDonalds, a few leafy green veggies, and pop some vitamins and you'll be good as gold. Well, like I said I returned several times after finding the results, feeling worse and worse, telling him, it's not working, he called the hospital, talked to a specialist and they told him I had to come in right away and have an iron infusion. If I could have done a jig I would have right on that man's toes. I went in the very next day, and they pumped me full of iron, and they may still need to add more. I just think it is terrible that some doctors just don't believe you even when you are literally falling apart in front of them. The specialist says my hemoglobin is so low that I am bleeding from some where and they have to find it. Shame on my doctor for not finding my case urgent. Thanks for listening and letting me vent, it truly is frustrating. And by the way, no, I can't see any other doctor but him, because of the contract my husband is under here, he is the only doctor for us Americans and no we aren't military. The only result I think you and I have in common would be the Ferritin and mine was 3, but they were more worried about the hemoglobin. Have a great day everyone and nice to meet all of you.
Re: Hi I'm new
Nov 29, 2008
[QUOTE=FLFLOWERGIRL;3807262]Even here in the US we have to wait to see the specialist too. The only way to bypass this is to go to the ER. My GI got me in in 3 days to see me because of my Hgb at 8.5 but then I had to wait 3 weeks for the colonoscopy and endoscopy. It seems like everyone says the same thing about the waiting period.

I think that it takes time for the infusion to start working. Are you scheduled for more IV infusions? If you are not, do you know when you can begin iron supplements? I hope you are feeling better soon. Take Vit C with iron rich meals, multi vitamins, B-Complex and B-12 to help rebuilding RBC's and lots of rest. Feel better soon. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/QUOTE]

Yes, it is always when you are feeling at your worst that you have to wait the longest it seems. My doctor for some reason right now told me NOT to take any more iron supplements at the moment, but to continue with the rest of other vitamins he told me to take. I don't have any idea why he would think the infusion would be enough when I'm still symptomatic and ALL my numbers were pointing for definite anemia, but then again I never know half the reasons for the reasons he does the things he does. When do I get another blood draw to see if that was enough iron to have brought my numbers up any? It seems that the specialist at the hospital and my GP have way differing views on everything dealing with my care. My GP acted very lazy and like it wasn't important and I wasn't that badly off, while on the other hand the specialist said that my numbers were very low and I needed the infusion right away and that they needed to look into where I was bleeding from immediately. So, now I'm frightened and angry. No to mention, too exhausted to be either of them for very long. Well, enough about me, let me learn some more about this mysterious illness, at least it is to me that is, how did you get it? By the way, I truly appreciate your very prompt responses. You put my very anxious mind at ease and I really appreciate that, God bless. :angel:

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