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Yes I agree they should be doing more for your wife maybe see another doctor at this point.....
I think but I am not certain flowergirl could do better tahn I on this one but I think you can lose hair with anemia......Thyriod problems can cause hair loss too.....
I would like to suggest she is checked for celiac disease as thsi will cause digestive problems for sure also deficiencies in Iron,B12,Folate Vit D low ferritin I kno wbecause I have this and took many years to get a diagnoses I was very ill with a B12 deficiency....
She should be checked for that as well.......So getting the following maybe beneficial
Iron studies
B12 serum
Hyc (for B12 deficiancy if the levels are in the so callede normal range and the following test for the same thing )
uMMA (urine test is more sensitive)
Vit D
Celiac panel
Celaic gene

Celiac can be triggered during pregnancy ,,,,,,but either way you will need to find the root cause of the iron deficiency.......
You mentioned your wife had gallbladder removed was that due to gallstones.......I have a gallstone doesnt bother me nut was told it is related to the gluten apparently it is common for celiacs

I wish you well and welcome to the board were there are plenty here to help and make suggestionstake care

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