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Welcome to the boards jls821 :)!!--You are considered moderately anemic with a 9.2 Hgb. Your other numbers don't look too bad either although they are out of range. Have you had your ferritin and B vitamins checked B-12 and folate? If no, that would need to be done right away.

And unless you had a very bad diet I would say that diet would not be the cause of your iron deficiency. Your diet sounds rather good. There is iron in almost anything and if you are not absorbing enough there is a cause/reason.

If you have no/low ferritin a multi vitamin with iron is not going to be enough to replete your stores. I have no idea what your number here is so I really don't know what to tell you. Your B-12 really needs addressed because it too can give you shortness of breath. I think that this happens in more severe anemia symptoms of a lesser Hgb value. Of course, here again I will say, this is different for everyone. How are your periods? If they are not heavy then you should see a GI doc IMO. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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