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Thanks so much for the reply.
As far as my MCH and MCV, My MCH was 30.2 with a ref range of 28.6-32.8 and my MCV was 88.4 with a range of 81.-99.
My Vitamin D is always very low when my endocrinologist tests it. I take prescription vitamin D twice a week. I go to the endo for hypothyroidism.
Since you said my B12 is low, but still in range, why doesn't the Dr. call me and prescribe iron?
Do you get chest pains when you're anemic? I have had chest pain/pressure for about 2 years now. Tonite I have it real bad.
I also get the leg aches and am SO fatigued! And also lately I have been so dizzy!
Do you take iron pills?
As far as being celiac, I was diagnosed about 18 years ago. But I honestly admit that I have my moments when I cheat with wheat. I know it's wrong- and I think that is one of the reasons that I am having the endoscopy Friday-- my gastro Dr. says that celiac can lead to cancer. Do you ever cheat? It is
so hard!
Should I call my Dr. on Monday and ask him to go over my results?
Thanks again!
Take care too![/QUOTE]

No I dint take any iron I will be having more tests but i am sure it ahs risen due to having B12 therapy......It may be iron you need but i feel you also need b12 and Folate as well and by injection for your B12 your task is to convince your doctor re B12 and let me warn you this is not easy they will just say well your withn the range so thats when you need to request a uMMA & homocysteine tests as tehy will be elevated in the deficiency of B12..And ask him to proof that that level is not causing you harm do some research on B12 and take it with you......I am not sure about chest pains with anemai but I think it is likely I know that B12 has caused me to get pressure under my ribs because of nerve problems in my spine...I used to be very short of breathe too...

Do you have any pins & needles in the extremeties or any where for that matter......

When you say you cheat on the gluten do you react straight away or does it need to biuld up in the system before it does this......

If I eat it I have to let it biuld up for a while like eat it for a few days then I dont feel good it goes straight to my bones and I head straight for the bathroom LOL....

Yes I used to eat it because I was in denial until my B12 got so low I was really ill and knew that this was eat no more gluten its just not worth it....

How often would you cheat?
I know that it is hard especially for social events ect some people just dont get it its like well cant you just have a little? Like it is not a diet to loose wieght it is detremental to my life I say some are interested others look at me like I have 2 heads LOL:)

Yes it puts you at a higher risk of lymphoma of the stomach...and a whole heap of other things......

Please discuss those othertests with your doc be persistant about it do you have anxiety, and foggy brain like you cant think straight find it hard to concentrate and connect with others likea spaced out feeling it is horrible......

Good luck

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