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elphers--It looks like the Celiac is your culprit for sure. At least this makes it a little easier to DX. I cannot imagine having to go gluten free, I am very sorry for you. I was very thankful that I did not test positive for this one. But as it has been pointed out it can cause major health problems if you don't. So, it is up to you at this point, right? You have had this a long time and perhaps it has caused you a lot of damage as a result inhibiting absorption.

Regarding your labs, you asked if ferritin is a good test of anemia. Well, not really they take 3 results H & H and RBC count and when one or more of the 3 are below range, you are considered anemic. I don't know enough about your iron stats but, your serum iron is low, I run 118, 40-175 ref range if that helps. You should look at your Sat% to see if this is also low. With a High TIBC. This points to iron deficiency. Why a ferritin wasn't run is probably due to the fact that your H & H are normal range. Anemia is the end stage of the ferritin stores. He will probably do this later I would think, especially if you remind him of IV therapy in the past. If not, put the bug in his ear!

Your B-12 is l/n range and folic acid is low as you already know. These results may be making your MCV appear to be higher. In iron deficiency alone, it usually goes much lower and dips below well below range. Also, your serum iron is still in range so this may be another reason. Regardless, all of this points to probable malabsorption from Celiac disease. Yes, I think that you should call your doctor on Monday and have him explain your result and answer any questions that you may have. We are only patients :)........ I hope that your Endoscopy goes well for you. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

PS--I forgot to address your chest pain symptoms. This may very well be from anemia; however, you should (if you haven't already) see your doctor about this and test to rule out any other problems. I had to have several myself and had a terrible issue with high BP when I was anemic. It's just nice to know that all is well. Best of luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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