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[QUOTE=elphers;3807395]Over a week ago I was faxed my blood test results. My Gastro Dr. ordered them because he suspected anemia, which I have had before and actually a few years ago had to have IV iron.( I felt SO GOOD after that!) Some of my numbers are out of range, but I have not gotten a call from him or his nurse. If he suspected anemia, I wonder why my ferritin level was not checked? Is that a good test for anemia? I have celiac disease and MANY symptoms of anemia. I am having an endoscopy this Friday. My friend gave me some of her iron pills, but I was curious as to what you guys thought of my test results. Thanks for any help!
You'll see that my folic acid is way low-- does that mean anemia?

RBC 4.12--ref range- 4.10-5.40
HGB 12.4-- ref range- 12.0-16.0
HCT 36.4-- ref. range- 37.0-47.0 (flagged Low)
RDW 15.1--ref. range- 11.5-14.5 (flagged High)
PLT 522-- ref range- 130-400 (flagged High)
Iron 80-- ref range- 65-175
RBC 4.12--ref. range- 4.10-5.40
Folic Acid 2.0-- ref. range- normal > than 5.4
Folic Acid- borderline- 3.2-5.4
Vit B12 394-- ref. range- 200-1100[/QUOTE]

I am sure that stephrabbin & flowrgirl will help you out with the ferritn question

I would like to chime in with some other opinions on your tests though if thats ok
Your RDW is elevated that would indicated folate anemia,B12 anemia PA or iron deficiency anemia
I noticed your MCV is not mentioned that will be high in Folate & B12 def
Nor has you MCH these should be looked at together to determine certain deficiencies such as folate & B12....

Yes your folate is low and so is your B12 even though it is with normal is is still way to low you really shouldnt be below 700 below 550 is were neuro damage can start...All those ranges indicate is were PA can start...
I was really ill for years I ended up with 130 for B12 but for years it never fell below 200 but I have never for most of my life been above 372 I got very ill.

I have celiac too......How long have yo been on the gluten free diet (challenging isnt it LOL)

If yo doc tell syou to take folate ask about B12 to as if you have B12 def folate will mask it further causing damge to continue....

You may ask your doc for a homocysteine & uMMA tests these will be elevated in B12 deficiencies......

I had Folate,B12,VitD (something else you should get tested) low iron and ferritin it seems that your ferritin can be low in B12 tooo

I hope this hass been of some help the others are sure to chime in re ferritin

Take care

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