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[QUOTE=susieq14;3808687]Hello All,

just curious whether there will be any difference in my bloodwork after taking oral iron for 2 weeks.

I saw the hematologist for my first consult on November 13 and she called in a script for Niferex 150 on Saturday, November 15 because my ferritin was at a 5. I am seeing her on Wednesday and will go get my blood test Tuesday. Thus I will have taken 2 iron pills a day for 15 days when I get retested. Will there be any change in such a short time?

[B]Probably not much. I went from a 2-3 in a couple of days and 2-9 in 6 months time, but that is me, and I had a very hard time. Ferritin is the last number to make progress. The iron serum will reflect the iron supplements. I was never told to discontinue my oral supplements before testing. I have read the same information as you too. Testing while taking iron would not change the stores, however it would the serum iron which is the iron circulating in the blood at the time of testing. This iron can be ~normal range~ with low iron in the body. Some people absorb much more iron in the beginning depending on how depleted they are, and then it slows down, this is also common.[/B]

I requested and received a copy of the "office note" and blood test results from the hematologist and she wrote "if the patient despite being on iron has no improvement in her iron stores, I certainly would recommend intravenous iron therapy."

[B]I personally would want to give this time. Not just a couple of weeks because that is not enough. This is usually the measure that Hematologists go by, when you are NOT absorbing you are given IV therapy.[/B]

According to the blood test results from November 13, in the section labeled Anemia Related Studies there are some difference from my original blood work in July.

Iron = 35 now, was 25. normal is 35-70 so I don't imagine 35 is ideal?
[B]No this is not ideal, this is why the ferritin remains at 5.[/B]

Ferritin = 5 now and in July. normal range on my report is 5 - 148, but I found a web site that says 20 - 120 is normal.

[B]All labs are different, just go by the bottom number, and in your case, you are borderline l/n. Some people are 5 and not yet anemic.[/B]

Also according to what I've been reading here you all say you should be much higher than 5 to be feeling good and being healthy?

[B]Yes, it should be 50 at min.[/B]

what is correct?

[B]IMO, what is correct is the information that your doctor'(s) gives you, combined with what you read, put them together and see how you feel at what number and this is the answer to your question:D. No matter what ranges are, bottom line is that it is how you feel as an individual. Especially when it comes to iron, it would depend on how much and at what rate your body uses it up. i.e., exercise, (blood loss), and such. What people are told (in my case) is anything from 10-1000 (Hematologist) and 50 (GI and Endo) as normal and I have read 70-100. It is very confusing:confused: and frustrating so I go by how I feel within those ranges.[/B]

TIBC = 442 now, was 469. normal is 250-450, so I'm a little better
[B]Better is good![/B]

Iron Saturation = 8 and it say low but does not give a range and I don't have this result on the July test. Anyone know what an 8 means?

[B]My TSat% range is 13-45 (I think the Optimal target value is within 25-45%), and I was at 6%. Transferrin or total iron-binding capacity (TIBC). Transferrin is a protein that carries iron in the blood. Total iron-binding capacity measures how much of the transferrin in the blood is not carrying iron:(. People with iron-deficiency anemia have a high level of transferrin that has no iron. TSat is the percentage of transferrin with iron bound to them. This value is called transferrin saturation=TSat%. It is calculated by serum iron / TIBC = TSAT%.

thanks in advance for any insight.

P.S. should I take my iron pill the morning of the test?
[B]I wouldn't worry about this perhaps take the iron when you get back home. I have read 24-48 hrs cessation period and 12 hrs. I would not want to stop supplements. It would not change the H & H nor Ferritin which are the numbers to look at.[/B]

the doctor didn't give any instructions like fast for 12 hours or no iron but in reading a few different websites, i saw that you should not take the iron pill????
[B]Best of luck to you and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]

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