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I just had blood work done and my Ferritin level is very low - 8

Does anyone know what this means?
Judy, you dont post any other numbers so we dont know if you are anemic or not, but you ARE iron deficient which in itself can cause symptoms. Typically you want ferritin to be above 50. Talk to your doctor about taking high doses of iron (prescription strength.
judyroy--Ferritin is actually a ~protein~ that helps store iron in the body. This test gives doctors a good idea of how much of the body’s stored iron has been used up, depending on how low it is. Lab ranges are different as well, my lab range is 13-150 or 10-232 anything below range (according to my Hematologist) means that there is no iron remaining. You appear to be below range. He also said, anything within 10-1000 was a normal ferritin level, LOL. However, this is not the case for many patients that "in reality" live with a low ferritin. Many people don't feel well until their ferritin is around 50 min. My ferritin just reached 58 and I can't tell a big difference. Before, I could not jump and run out, now I can. Ferritin is more telling of the iron that is stored in organs and bone marrow. This is what helps the Hgb to stabilize at normal levels. At the same time your body would not be able to store much ferritin without the hgb being at a higher level verses anemic levels. When the body needs more iron, the stored iron (ferritin) is called on. When there is not enough iron the result is iron deficiency anemia. The end stage of ferritin stores. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
[QUOTE=judyroy;3808919]I just had blood work done and my Ferritin level is very low - 8, please explain[/QUOTE]

Hi Judy
can you post all the results of all your tests to give more help for suggestions

Best wishes

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