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halielz--I'm sorry, is this your first or second doc, I don't remember? Both your Ferritin and B-12 are way below where they should be, although, a 200 B-12 is considered normal and around 10 Ferritin is also considered normal by doctors. People feel much better without (near as much risk) at much higher levels.

Taking iron needs to be monitored by a physician, but the B-12 does not IMO, and I am just a dumb patient. I am hoping by this time that you have a copy of your lab reports. Then we can see a little more regarding anemia with the H & H and RBC counts. You can post those if you like.

You may need to find another PCP if this is possible for you. A Hematologist is needed when there is a problem absorbing iron or unable to get a doctor to prescribe B-12 injections and even a Hematologist may not do this for you, you just never know. Anemia is a symptom not a disease in and of itself. I still think that seeing a GI is a good idea at this point to rule out reasons other than *diet alone*. Unless you have a poor, poor diet there is iron is almost everything that you eat. It may be absorption related also. There can be more than one reason for low numbers. Your diet obviously doesn't help matters, adding meat at this time would be up to you. It is a fact that if you take V-C and eat a Heme iron meal that you will increase the absorption rate 6 fold. This is not the same rate with supplements and Vit C although, this is good too. I am just giving suggestions here.

You do need a PCP that is going to work with you, not against. I'm sorry that you have to go through this, it is enough to feel bad.

As Steph said, in her post many of us here have been through many doctors that don't seem to understand the symptoms of anemia and low ferritin. I still do not get this? If you are sick long enough they do make you feel like you have a problem. My Neuro even had my husband believing (for a very short while, like until we got home:)) that I was having anxiety issues, but this clearly was not the problem. However, I did have anxiety when I had to see doctors, wonder why after so many? I too am doing much better now. You are not crazy!!!! Best of luck to you. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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