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Thanks Ladies for the comments and encouragement and the opportunity to share and whine! It is really helpful!

I feel kind of bad whining because I don’t really feel all that awful from the IDA like some of you and I have only just started down this road and have not been dealing with the IDA as long as you all have. But if you guys are correct, I guess my turn is coming! And I hate the thoughts of taking these iron pills for forever. Number one they are expensive and I’m still waiting to hear about my appeal to the insurance company to cover them and number two it is so hard to coordinate when to take them before or after meals or other meds. I now it is not that big a deal compared to what some folks have to deal with. Like you Yvette, I’m soooo sorry that you lost your insurance – that is not good news. I hope things get better for you. I would definitely recommend that you ask your hematologist for advice and to write something to include when you file for SSI. I don't know the rules for that but I would guess a doctor's note would help and not hurt. Perhaps the doctor might know about some way that you get can medical care without insurance. You have my very best positive thoughts.:angel:

I hope nothing is “discovered” as a result of the 24 hour urine test. The hematologist did not say how you could look for an AVM. She did not order an MRA. She did write in her “office note” that perhaps I should have another upper endoscopy. Actually I want to have that myself but my GI did not feel it was necessary because she did one in March 08. The one in March was done because I wanted a follow-up to the one done in September 07 when she saw some intestinal metaplasia, low grade dysplasia and polyps in my stomach. She didn’t think it was needed but I fussed and she gave in. All she saw were polyps in March but I would like a follow-up sooner than the 3 years she recommended. I’m also going to have to fuss a little because she found a colon polyp while doing my colonoscopy in October and in her letter she recommends a follow-up in 7 – 10 years. I had a c’scope in December 06 and that polyp was not there so I am not waiting for 7 years. So frustrating to have to be your own doctor without ever gone to medical school!!!:(

Okay I will sign off and stop whining and wish you all a great day – It’s Friday and that should count for something!;)

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