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I saw my hematologist on Wednesday morning. This was my first follow-up since I started the iron supplements 17 days ago. Unfortunately I have a very bad head cold (perhaps even a sinus infection) and right off the bat she said that the blood tests would not be very accurate because I of whatever inflammation was in my body due to my cold. Sure enough she just called me this morning to tell me that my Ferritin levels went from 5 to 20 but she said that is probably not a real reading. My Iron Saturation went down from an 8 to a 7 but she said that is not a significant drop. She didnít tell me what my TIBC or Iron is. I'll have to get the report.

At the appointment she only had some results because not all were done yet. Warning! Iím going to whine! I specifically asked if I could come the day before to have my blood drawn and was told yes. However, when I went in Tuesday morning at 7:00 am before work the tech said she couldnít take my blood because she didnít have a ďslipĒ and couldnít check on the computer. UGHHHH! So frustrating. Wouldnít it make sense to have the blood test done the day before so at the appointment you could have an intelligent conversation based on the results.

My hemoglobin was 11.6. Prior results were: Nov 13 = 11.4, July 23 = 11.6
My hematocrit was 37.9. Prior results were: Nov 13 = 37.2, July 23 = 35.6.
At my physical in December 07 my HGB was 13.0 and my was 39.0.
My MCH is still low at 25 has been for all 3 tests. Last December it was 28
My MCV is 83 up from 80 in november and 77 in July. Last December it was 85

The doctor still does not know what is causing my iron deficiency - she called it microcytic anemia. . She has ruled out a GI bleed since all the GI tests were negative for bleeding. She doesnít think I have a malabsorption problem. She alluded to the possibility that I could have a blood vessel (she called it an occult AVM) somewhere in my body that is intermittently bleeding. She also thinks the IDA may be due to the fact that I lost 52 pounds Ė but that happened 2 years ago so I donít know why it is just showing up now as a problem. So I donít have any definitive answers. The only good news was that my protein levels (IGG) were normal Ė I was concerned about this because both my father and mother were/have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and it was first caught due to abnormal blood tests done at their yearly physicals.

The doctor wants to see me in on month and thinks that I will need to be on the iron pills for at least 6 months. She also told me on the phone this morning that she wants me to come pick up a 24 hour urine test. My Creatinine, BUN and GFR are abnormal????

Well thatís my news. My best to everyone!
Susieq14--Your doc is right, infections and inflammation can give a falsely elevated ferritin reading. But, I will hope that this is a true reading for you:).

For my blood labs my Hematologist has it down to a science. The night before my appointment my lab is faxed to the blood lab and waiting for me the next morning before my appointment. I get my Stat labs done, walk over to the building, and by the time it is my turn they have the results, other than ferritin which takes longer, and I call in the next day for the results. I was very impressed by this routine. I wish more doctors would do things like this when people are suffering with colds and such instead of waiting a couple of days for results. That is frustrating when you are told to go to the lab and they are not ready for you.

So is she doing further testing for the AVM, wasn't she going to do an MRA or something? That is excellent news that your IGG is at normal levels!!!!!:)

I also did the 24 hour urine testing, they were looking for AI diseases as a cause of my anemia. It looks like you are getting better news. When I was ill my liver enzymes were elevated for many months. They never did find a cause for this either. I think that it was due to the high dose iron, but they say no. Sometimes when you are ill these things go up and down and then return to normal. I hope this is the case for you too. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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