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[QUOTE=Audrey-B;3815518]When my ferretin was down to 8 and then it took virtually a whole year to get to 14 and my hair was falling out like crazy i decided to visit a Trichologist. I had seen a Dermatologist who was useless, said it was stress, my GP was no help, tried to put me on Birth Control as my periods began to get messed up and i had the hair loss at the same time. After a few years of this i began doing research on here and felt my last hope lay in this Trichologist. He was fantastic, tought me so much about iron and it's importance and how we should have a ferretin of 70 and above for correct hair cycle growth, resting and shedding phases. He also discovered that i was below low for Vit D and iodine and that i was a bit on the gluten intolerant side and his major discovery was that i did in fact have a thyroid problem and was suffering from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Now that i've had most of my issues corrected or they are in the process of being corrected i'm only losing what i'd term 'normal' amounts of hair. I've also gone through the business of having new growths of hair sticking out all over my head. Some days i look like i've electric shock treatment. I don't mind as it's taken me 8 years to get here.

The thing is, if you are doing all and eating all the right things, then the low ferretin must be coming from somewhere. I do know that some people with gluten intolerance end up with low iron and even anemic. When they take all gluten foods out of their diet their ferretin picks up all on it's own with virtually no need for supplements.

With my iodine being below low, i found when the Trichologist gave me a liquid iodine supplement to use, about 2 - 3 months later i had hardly any hair shedding for a whole month, then it began shedding again, but i was no longer on the iodine supplement. When i began seeing my new doctor for my thyroid, he ran an iodine test and found it to be extremely low. Once i began supplementing iodine again it considerably stopped falling out.

I have heard on the thyroid board that if your TSH is not stable and keeps rising and falling that that will cause hair shedding due to the hormones changing.

Have you had all your hormones tested? I have excess estrogen and my testosterone is a little high. Hormone imbalance can lead to hair loss too.

The other issue i had which can cause hair loss is that my pancreas was not producing sufficient digestive enzymes which led to protein foods not being able to be digested properly. I was eating lots of red meat, salads, and vegetables and couldn't understand why my ferretin was so low, but finding out about the lack of digestive enzymes leading to low protein would lead to low ferretin and hair loss as hair is 98% protein.

The odd thing is that over on the thyroid board most people have very similar issues eg: low iron, diffcult to raise iron, low Vit D, low/too much iodine, gluten intolerance. This just goes to show that one illness can have many other factors attached to it. For about 2 years i was solely focused on "low iron" only. It was only when i was diagnosed with the Hashimoto's and began looking into thyroid issues and my digestive issues that i realised low iron/anemia is merely a symptom of a whole other illness.

If you get your thyroid tested it must include TSH, T3, T4 and Thyroid Antibodies. Most doctors will run a basic TSH, but that doesn't show the full picture. The problem is that a lot of doctors will say you are ok if your results fall "within range". It's helpful to have a doctor who knows where you should be at or what target you ought to be striving for.

I know it's frustrating and it's like a big jigsaw puzzle. Finding out what is causing your low ferretin will likely lead to finding out what could be causing your hair shedding.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for so much info. It does get ones wheels turning to look into all possibilities

I did have all the thyroid tests done and was in range with them I'm feeling pretty confidanrt as I was pretty much smack in the MID range.
I thought about the Vitamin thing. I'm suprised they don't run this when they do everything else. I actually had asked my Dr. how everything could be tested properly if I was using SUPPLEMENTS and he said don't worry because the tests didn't check those types of things. i was wondering HOW YU DO check for correct vitamin levels if you are taking supplements. i mean I could stop for a month but then of course I would be to paranoid what little hair I have left would fall right out:confused:

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