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[QUOTE=Sherry1563;3813698]Just got my test results back which stated ferritin at 7 . Dr. has put me on prescription iron. other counts were all in mostly normal range. Iron was around 37.

My question is how the heck can my number be so low when i take iron suplpements and also eat lots of iron rich foods??? I eat leafy greens and veggies ALL DAY( I love them) and red meat(not a huge amount but at least one serving every other day). i can't even IMAGINE what my levels would be without supplements and green veggies all day:confused:

So how can one have such a low number eating so much iron all day????[/QUOTE]

Hi, most of the members of my family have low ferretin levels and it is all due to a B-12 deficiency that runs in our family. All my life my iron always tested fine (the blood level of iron). Three years ago, I was feeling really awful and one of the things the Dr. checked was my ferritin (how much iron I was absorbing). Of course it came out low so he then looked into my B-12 levels and that was the cause. Iron cannot be absorbed properly without B-12. That is why B-12 deficiency is called pernicious anemia (pernicious meaning aggresive). Since I first found that I was low in B-12 and started on B-12 shots, 6 other members in my family all tested low in ferritin and B-12 deficiency. The local pharmacy has to stock a lot of B-12 now. Our ferritin levels have all come up but we all MUST take iron every day. Make sure your doctor checks your B-12 AND don't start taking the B-12 by mouth first or it WILL affect the results of your test. Good luck!

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