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Unfortunately vitamins do not bring hair back if the hair loss is due to something wrong eg: stress, low ferretin, thyroid, adrenal fatigue, malabsorbtion of nutrients due to gluten intolerance or digestive issues.

I was on vitamins for years. My parents used to get upset with me and tell me that all those vitamins i was taking were likely what was causing my health issues in the first place, saying things like "you don't know what they put in those vitamin pills". Also news reports that people who constantly take vitamins end up making their bodies dependent on the vitamins rather than getting the nutrients from actual foods.

I suppose taking vitamins doesn't hurt as they will 'prop' up your system until you find out what is actually wrong. Sort of like using crutches when you have a broken leg :) Apart from that, they will not actually fix what is wrong, especially if it's something more serious. It's best to find out what you are actually low in and buy your vitamins individually as those Multi vitamins usually only contain very tiny doses of most things. Also when you are taking iron you do not want to be taking your zinc or calcium along with it. Certain foods, beverages and other vitamins/minerals will stop the absorption of the iron you are taking.

You say that your thyroid tests were right in the middle, i don't know what your lab ranges are, but there are actually targets where certain things should be at. You can't just be in the middle for thyroid. It would be best if you could post your thyroid results here or on the thyroid board. Different countries use different lab ranges for T4, T3 so depending on the ranges used i might/not be able to help you out and you should then post on the thyroid board. TSH has the same lab range in most countries and myself or someone else can help you out with that. Thyroid antibodies tests use same range also i believe. Problem is that most doctors will tell you that you are 'within range' and leave it at that. If you don't know what the correct targets are you tend to believe the doctor. This is why i wasted 8 precious years along with 8 years worth of hair loss, due to doctors telling me my thyroid was fine when all of those 8 years it was not fine and i needed to be medicated.

The problem is that too many things can cause hair loss, from hormonal imbalances like
above normal testosterone, adrenal fatigue due to low/high cortisol levels, anemia/long term low iron, not getting sufficient protein, going on/off the pill seems to be more and more common, thyroid condition.

Not sure if i asked you before, but did you doctor test your B12? alot of people on here who have had low B12 have had low iron. B12 also tends to lack in people with adrenal fatigue.

Hoping you get some answers soon :)

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